My Thoughts on how the game could improve

I have spent the past several weeks playing Conan Exiles in a private Co-op session with a friend. This is my feedback from the experiences I have had in terms of gameplay improvement, new features, and more:

Attribute points and level cap: I find it highly annoying that Players are forced to max out at Level 60, and are thus unable to continue increasing their attribute points. My suggestion is this: either increase the level cap or add artifacts that give attribute points like Fragments of Power.

Thrall Tiers: I believe that Thralls should be able to increase their Tier levels once certain conditions are met. Perhaps a ritual that resets their levels after hitting a new Tier?

Hitboxes and Hit-detection: I have had several instances where creatures and enemies were able to hit me despite being clearly out of range by at least two feet. This needs fixing.

Co-op improvements: As mentioned at the top of the post, I am playing in a private co-op session with a friend. However, our progress is hampered by several things.

First, the fact that we have to remain within a certain distance of each other is highly annoying. If games like Minecraft can have unlimited distance between players, so can Conan Exiles. Fix this please.

Second, my friend is incapable of seeing rocks and other things once we get far enough away from our spawn location, even though he can still collide with them. Fix this please.

Reduce iron and steel bar resource requirements: It is absurd how much Iron and Steel is needed for weapons and tools. You got to reduce the amount somehow.

Add Boats: Traversing the deep rivers would be considerably more interesting if we could make boats.

Enemy Level scaling in Co-op and solo: Maybe have enemy health adjust itself in solo or co-op?

That’s all I got now. I may post more later.

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It is intentionally restricting so that you have to carefully plan out what type of build you are going for.

That said, I think we could probably get a few more attribute points without ruining the intention. People frequently ignore certain attributes entirely because it is not worth the investment and I don’t think that is a good thing - though I’d also say that only adding more points wouldn’t solve it either.

I wouldn’t be opposed to something that could increase a thrall’s tier with certain limitations with T4, but I don’t think this is a simple request. Every thrall in the game is a unique NPC, it isn’t like a thrall spawns and is set to a random tier, it is more like a tier spawns, then a random thrall from that tier is selected.

Some of this could be lag, though during a rocknose purge recently in which several people were participating, we noticed the Living Mountains and Rockslide were able to knock people down from some incredibly ridiculous ranges, so there probably are some hit-boxes that need adjustments.

What? If Minecraft can do it, that means Conan can? Um… no, that’s not how it works. Not even a little bit.

That’s weird, I don’t recall ever having that issue, but I haven’t played co-op in years.

I think iron is fine. Steel needing five iron bars and steelfire is pretty excessive though.

The fact that you can reduce the cost to 1 by getting a Garrison Blacksmith’s Bench, then turning iron into reinforcements, upgrading the reinforcements, and reducing the steel reinforcement into raw steel kind of shows just how bad the correct way of getting steel is.

Might be more useful on Siptah, but boats would be fun.

This is similar to thralls changing tiers in that I don’t think it would be at all simple to implement. But I don’t see why this would even be necessary, just go to a higher-level area.

My Minecraft comment is due to this:
In Minecraft, my friends and I can log into a private world with infinite size and travel to opposite sides of the world without any major problem.
In Conan Exiles, my friends and I can log into a private co-op world and can’t stray too far from each other without auto teleporting.
If Minecraft, which was released in 2011, can do this, why can’t Conan Exiles?

Because they aren’t even remotely comparable.

What Tephra said. Just compare the graphics of Conan with the graphic of Minecraft and hopefully you will understand why it works on a game like Minecraft and not in a demanding game like Conan.

You can use the mod ‘300 level’
Similarly for thralls: mod ‘Thralls level to 100’

Simple, the amount of data and data transfer rate.

Put simply it is limited by the processing power and memory of the computer that is running and the speed of the connection between the two machines.

Even when you are playing Co-op a lot of data is being transferred from one machine to the other, and quite frankly Minecraft is a low poly game. It doesn’t really have “infinite size” it just creates more area as you move then the cubes just become data as you move away, Data that is relatively small due to the low poly nature of that game.

Conan’s terrain is a much Higher Poly count for every mesh object.

1 Minecraft cube equals 8 vertices, so a million cubes is 8,000,000 vertices, Conan can hit 1,000,000 in just one character.

You would need technology much more advanced than currently available to instantly move and store the amount of data needed to run Conan the same as a low poly game like Minecraft

You’re saying “my pool float fits in my pool so a four-mast galleon should too”

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Psh… Conan isn’t a battleship, it is a four-mast galleon. Get the metaphorical objects in your analogies right.


Fixed :slight_smile: lol

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I disagree. This game should not allow us to fully max out every attribute. We ger a set amount in the 60 level cap and need to carefully decide how to spend them. If you research the gear sets, you can learn which gear adds extra attribute points so don’t have to spend as many points. For example, You can almost put no points in Survival and still hit the 3rd perk to fast harvest using gear only. Part of the game is being savvy enough to find out which gear and craft it using a high-tier armorer. A legendary mask on Siptah gives you +10 Survival alone.

I’m not so sure about this. I do realize that certain factions have a specific base build right out of the wheel of pain. For example, Cimmerians have high vitality and Relic hunters have high accuracy. I would not be opposed to having the factions be re-examined since Darfari and similar factions are almost never used by end-game players because the go-to factions are just simply better.

You have my support here, hitboxes are out of wack and can make a fight frustrating. Fix needed.

For sure, no pushback from me.

I personally do not see an issue with the current resource requirement. Getting started, iron and steel reinforcements shouldn’t fall from the sky, you need to work for them. By the time you hit level 60, and have played for a while it becomes a no brainer to keep Iron cooking and Steel on hand for when you need it. Looting it every, and I mean every time you see it drop from npcs or chests will give you a steady supply as well.

I’d be down for boats, heck, I’d even buy a DLC just to get them.

That Minecraft comment is, uh, ya…

If you play on PC, setup a free server. Takes 5 minutes at best. Problem solved.

Otherwise, use your favorite search engine or search on the forums if you need an explanation on why its limited in the first place. Its been discussed more then enough times to get search results.

There are other modes besides PvE. Use mods.

There are other modes besides PvE. Use mods.

Server Settings, change the rate in which you collect resources. Problem solved. Take you about 15 seconds to do.

This isn’t a Single Player only game.

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I am on the PS4, so I cannot download mods. Also, this isn’t a Multiplayer only game either. If the game is going to offer a Solo mode, the game should be adjusted accordingly.

I have played on servers that allow a player to go to 300. Let me tell you that having the ability to have 50 in each attribute is a pretty boring game. You can do anything, which means you don’t have to think or take into account anything either.

It sounds fun to run around carry everything, wack everything, and shoot everything at will. And for about twenty minutes it is true. But there is no point to trying to improve your own ability in the game. You can literally just stand and tank hits, nothing is a threat, and the game gets extremely dull.

And in a multiplayer environment you would think such a thing would balance the casual player with the hardcore. Eventually the stats cancel those advantages out? They don’t. Especially when you have to consider the fact that players with these advantages need challenges.

Now you have creatures and encounters that take 300 levels into account (and this happens even at 120 levels) that now require many more levels of grind, where the casual player is just going to be lagging behind.

No. I would argue that even level 60 is too many levels. I wouldn’t mind seeing attributes being a set amount (like they are now) but tied to achievements you perform on the map itself (could even give journey steps more meaning).

Leveling in video games has always been made as a timesink. It started with killing the same slimes over and over. And now its basically killing spiders and scorpions.

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