I have a couple of ideas for the game

My name is Krs4883 and I’m a big fan of Conan Exiles I have a couple of ideas to improve Conan Exiles:

  1. Allow players to make a Procedurally Generated Map where biomes, caves, camps, and dungeons are randomly generated.
  2. Allow players to make their own cooking recipes using different ingredients each giving a different effect like when you add spice it makes you warm.
  3. Allow players to color their hair, beard, skin, and eyes using dye.
  4. Allow players to color Thralls hair, beard, skin, and eyes using dye.
  5. Allow players to color pets skin using dye.
  6. Allow Players to color weapons using dye.
  7. Add more Mythical monsters to the game.
  8. Add ships to the Conan Exiles.
  9. Add grappling hooks to Conan Exiles.
  10. Allow players to dig in the ground and make underground bases.
  11. Add more gods from the Conan universe
  12. Add more tameable animals like a hawk who has the ability to track other players, enemy thralls camps, monsters, caves, resources etc.
  13. Add merchants that you can buy and sell stuff to.
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I like several of these.

Before Siptah was released, a dev note about selecting maps made me really excited. I’d love to see random maps and community made maps, like an RTS, even if they are less feature-rich compared to the professional maps.

I think climbing is a little far-fetched, and I think it’d be a great addition to add grappling hooks to extend climbing mechanics that are a bit more modest than they are now.

I’d love more lore, so more gods, etc, would be cool.

While exciting, I think naval warfare or digging might just not be possible for the implementation of the game engine, but maybe a different game?

Only real disagreement is the mythical creatures. There aren’t many of these in the Conan lore, and I think the limited “monster” element in the game makes it feel more “real” to me.

BUT…still waiting for sorcery! :slight_smile:

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