New ideas for the game, conan exiles

Hey can we have a building pack that let’s us have waterwheel and other stuff. I would like to see waterwheels in the game that has a ability to move the wheel if built properly, I would like to see guards wonder around or patrol an area.

I would also like to see ships I dont care if they are not moveable put i would like to see a placement for them. Perhaps see some enchanting or blessing from gods to make weapons have poison, explosions, lightning or ice, but I not to keen on that, just a idea.

I also had a problem with some guy building by my place on a pve server just to keep me from building more, I ask him to move a little farther out so we were not messing each other up but he refused in a rude way. Can we have the option to set out area.

I understand the down falls to this idea. But only have it to a setting so we dont take up the whole map or half of it. I dont mind having allies so have a setting to interact with a player your about to steal land from to basically share the land. Like have it ask the player; your about to overlap with player b would you like to share his land? And the other players would get a message, player a is about to overlap you land would you like to share it? I know alot of people wont like it, but this option is not for pop servers.

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Great Ideas…I also would love to see the thralls have more life to them. Like if they guard an area they may patrol around that area they are protecting. Also would be good to see more npcs and creatures roaming around instead of so many just standing in a static position, would make the world feel more alive. Maybe some flying creatures or vultures flying around trying to get to dead bodies. Boiling water before you can drink it adds some realism, Or have it so you can drink from the lakes a few times but it will make you sick eventually.


I would like to see some characters that you can form relationships with.

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I do like the idea of somehow resolving the land claim issue in PvE. Seen people purposely shrine spam just to be toxic. Then you do it right back and everybody’s mad with no way to do anything about it.

Not crazy about the ships. As a place-able they’d probably be not too bad for the dev team to implement as a static object, but immersion-wise it doesn’t make alot of sense. Why build a ship for the couple of rivers in a land you can’t escape?

The Patrol idea for thralls is something I love, yet am against. The only reason I’m not on board with it is because I’m betting it would really bog down server resources. Imagine 30+ thralls all trying to execute a script at once. If there’s a way to do it without bogging down a server then I’m all for it.

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Hi everyone, I’m new to the forums but I have a few suggestions for quality of life.
The dragging of thralls seems a little strange to me, it seems a little ridiculous to drag your thrall 20 miles through desert, water and jungle and not expect it to take damage from the trip. Unconscious should not mean invulnerable! Maybe there should be a caged wagon that you can attach to your horse to bring your thralls home in. Also for those times when you are in jungle do the chain gang thing and have them either walk in front or behind you. This can lead to some interesting side effects, such as potential escaped thralls if you need to overnight it somewhere or having to defend them from the critters in the world. Also on the same subject, maybe having not boats or ships per se, but canoes or something similar could be interesting. This could be another way to transport Thralls also.


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