Suggestions about conan gameplay, my thoughts

After playing Conan Exiles for 1000+ hours on different types I thought id share some things which I feel may improve gameplay.

Community on servers, interactions between different clans or allies could be made a lot more complex by adding certain features such as buildings which are for community/ally clans which use a pin code entry method which is used on many other games, you could have buildings/pieces set to this doors/boxes/chests and give certain people the code for them to use freely.

You could then add another rank which is social clan member rank as ive found that I don’t want to invite just anyone to my clan since they can use most of my chests no matter what rank I give them and they can pretty much destroy the base.

The social rank gives them certain door/chest permissions to say some of the bases you would be happy with them using.
It would not give permission to destroy clan structures, it would not give permission to construct things within clan owned land.
it would allow them to see the location members of the clan if you choose this option.

Building, while building on conan is already better than just about any other game I can think of… id say better than ark as it currently is.
There could be quite a few more things which could be added, scaffolding - construct certain scaffolding pieces while constructing a building or structure and this would give the option to return the piece to your inventory if you weren’t happy with it, scaffolding should give it a lower decay timer so you cant permanently keep it on.

Farming. more use with growing plants/crops also making rocknose pets farm rocks for you while your offline, in a wander mode- if it dies while doing it that’s the risk.
deers could be used to collect plant fibre or even camels. predatory pets would collect certain meats from around the area with the option to have them in packs.
the farming methods should only be able to automatically gather tier 1 materials.
plant fibre
low grade meats
I would expect each gathering pet/thrall to be quite rare as you would have to put the effort in to be able to automate things. this would stop the need to go gather hundreds of thousands of stone and wood if you wanna make large tier 3 bases.
on pvp people would be able to kill and take gathered materials from whatever you send out.

Obelisks: the loading screen going through this can be extremely long sometimes and results in dying before you even load in.
I would suggest when you take the map room it will teleport you inside the obelisk to start with = out of danger then with another short loading sceen of say a few seconds or so it will move you to the outside of it. or you could just simple have a press (key) to leave obelisk. obviously there would need to be a 60 seconds timer or so to leave the obelisk otherwise it would send you back to the map room, this works because ive found sometimes ive either mistakenly gone to the wrong location or forgot something… or just accidently pressed it while using something else.

just a few suggestions, ill leave it pretty short for now.

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