Multiple suggestions 10182019

To devs

Below is a list of add ons, updates, or suggestions, to Conan Exiles, which could make the game more pleasant to play for your consideration.

-Add mini map. I’m tired of always using the big map. It’s a distraction when I’m trying to kill trash or trying to get away from trash. A mini map would be convenient. Every or most games have a mini map GTA, COD, Battlefield, wow, and their mother too. It’s a no brainer to have a mini map.

-Add the ability to hearth back to your base. In world of Warcraft one can you an item called a hearthstone and teleport back to saved port location. It also help to port back to base in case of an emergency. Such as a sudden server restart, I was grinding at the volcano location, had heat gear, then after an update, I came back dead with all my loot decayed. For some reason you decided to change the barbarian gear from hot to cold. It would of helped if I could of ported back to my base Incase of a sudden server restart and update.

-Set thrall default weapon. If one puts more than one weapon in the thralls inventory, the thrall gets confused and keeps on switching, so make it to where one can set the default weapon for the thrall to use.

-give new players a month before they can get raided. When I first started playing this game, within a week, I got raided, lost everything, almost quit this game. I joined another server and kept on playing though. But a lot of other players would quit this game for good, if that happened to them. To avoid this, give noob players time to learn, build and survive, for a month, before they can get raided. It could be the same system that the purge is using, except it will take a month for a new player to get raided. Pvp adds a new experience compared to pve. One would have to adopt to this new experience.

-Add the option to confirm placing a structure. For example, when one places a pet pen, makes a mistake, then needs to relocate or reposition, one can not, it gets quit annoying, it’s one of the biggest items on the game, and that doesn’t help. So adding the option to confirm placing an item would suffice. The other thing would be to make all structures replaceable. Or add both suggestions, the confirmation and every item should be replaceable.

-Add new mechanic to building. Maybe put a players into building mod. Let a player fly while building, just like admins. And make it to where one could confirm placing a structure.

-Make pets more useful and powerful. Pets now are for decoration, they are useless against enemy players.

-Counter enemy players from gasing thralls while enemies stand on a wall or shoot from very far distances. Thralls or pets just stand there and do nothing. Maybe don’t allow players to clime walls while in an attack. Players should be on the same ground as a thrall or a pet while in an encounter for a fair fight.

-Add multiple tabs to save attribute setups, at least 5. One for encumbrance build, one for climbing build, and so on. I’m tired of resetting my attributes.

-Add more spawn points. There are different beds, every bed should yelled a different spawn point. One could have multiple bases, and it would help to have multiple spawn points.

-Add agro meter. One could have ones thrall attack, but if there was an agro meter, one could know when to stop attacking.

-Add mages, warlocks, and even priest classes. Magic spells casting and priests healing thralls, pets and players, while in combat, would be a nice addition to the game.

-Add mounts. The travel in this game can be unforgiving, mounts could help. I know it’s coming.

-Add a summing stone to summon players to a location or dungeon.

-Add a raid alert. I want to get notified if and when my stronghold is being attacked.

-Make dungeons more useful to where players will continue to revisit, instead of it being a one time visit. Building a gear set could be one reason. Trying to get all the rare mounts could be another.

-Remove the decay timer. I understand that the game is trying to be realistic but buildings don’t decay in reality, however, it could be demolished. The decay timers is quite annoying and the 168 hours makes me sick to my stomach. At least make it a year or 6 month decay timer.

-Add damage overlying highlights. One should be able to see how much damage is being done while attacking or even healing being done.

-Add timers to buffs. One can’t see how long it takes for a potion or food buff to expire. Adding a timers could help.

-Improve the clan settings. Clan ranks should be set to where they can build or destroy buildings, access clan chests and vaults, invite other players from any location. This could make it possible to where untrusted new clan members could join without the worry of base sabotage or base destruction. It could also help with clan and game growth.

-Base highlight on the map. The map should show the location of everything the clan had built or highlight it on the map.


-Limit everything. Limit the number of pets thralls and the radios of the base. This might help reduce the lag and the wide dominance of the whole map by one clan.

Hello wut, and welcome to the forums.

Some of the things you’ve suggested, such as horses, will be added in a future update. Horses and mounted combat are scheduled for December.

  • No matter the game, logistical considerations are important, ie. getting around and transporting goods. Map rooms and teleportation obelisks exist already, so I don’t think more teleportation options are necessary, even if they’d be convenient. I suggest waiting until we see how useful the horses will be, and whether they’ll suffice as a solution for getting around.

  • Default thrall weapon (ie. an “equipped weapon slot”) would be very useful. Often I find weapons I’d like to take home with me, but I can’t give it to my thrall to carry because he’ll get confused and try to fight with it (and sometimes fail). Especially important with things like Hanuman’s Gada, with a weight of 50.

  • Flying while building, even though it sounds like a very useful feature for accurate placement of building pieces, sounds like something that could be easily abused. Want to raid that enemy base but it has anti-climb walls? Just grab a sandstone foundation and fly across it. Preventing all the possible exploits would be an enormous amount of effort.

  • A “Pet leveling system” has been hinted at, also for December. Hopefuly this will make both pets and lower-tier Thralls more useful. I have a complete collection of Exile fighters and archers, but in their current state, they serve as nothing but home decor.

  • Conan’s world doesn’t have modern-fantasy “spellcaster classes”. Sorcery was rare, powerful, dangerous and unpredictable. Much of their everyday “tricks” were either alchemical in nature (such as the “orb” weapons currently in the game) or products of science. So “D&D-style” wizards and clerics don’t fit into the lore.

  • The Decay timer exists to remove buildings from the game after the player has quit playing. A six-month timer would let players build a Great Wall of China or turn the entire server into Cybertron, and unless it was a PvP server, there’d be nothing other players could do about it. Whether the timer is too long or too short is a matter of some debate (and it is often discussed on the forums), but if it was as long as you suggest, it would cease to serve its purpose, which is cleaning up abandoned buildings from servers. All it takes to refresh the timer is to visit your base once a week.

  • Buff timers is something I’d like to see, too. More and better in-game information, presented in numerical values, would be of great help.

  • Generally speaking, I don’t want to see more limitations in the game. Some of us are Single players, and when the whole world is our personal sandbox, we want to enjoy the whole of it. Limitations per clan would hurt that fun. Now, if those limits were settings that could be adjusted server by server, then everyone could decide whether they want to play on a “restricted-build” server or a “no-limits” server. More options to choose from would let more people have fun - taking away options will reduce the number.

Thanks for responding.