Suggestion for Conan Exiles

Hello people. I have his game since May 8 and I have not been able to stop playing, I am in love with the game. Here I bring several suggestions that I think would suit the game very well.

  • Auto equip your gear when take all items of your corpse.

  • chamera fly for take pictures

  • Npc give quest, for resourcer \ xp \ Weapons or armour \ thralls selling

  • Drink, eat and bandages with animations

  • Rework kick, the kick against the others players not is usefull.

  • block for 2 handed weapons, block with just in timer?

  • Different saves slots for a single player.Conan Exiles is not a true rpg but it does allow you several character constructions.And if now I want to play with a girl who specializes in bows, I have to lose all my progress?

  • Ranks for clans. The red button of the missiles within reach of the rookie? No thanks.

the quest can by: save the girl\ destroy camp\ bodyguard\ item stolen… In short, things to do in the world.

If I can think of more suggestions, I will add them and also update the post for the suggestions that people write.

In my opinion, if the developers add a quests system to the game, it could be more realistic and dynamic if they are procedurally generated and resolved at the moment, just to not make the player feel like a messenger. But a resource/thrall exchange system between player and itinerant merchants could be great.

Something like what they had in GW2, where towns could be attacked and you could help defend them. That would be pretty cool to have - defending Sepermeru or other currently non-existant neutral cities from hordes of exiles or undead.

Or pretty much anything other than generic fetch quests. I’d drown my character (twice) and then uninstall the game if those were added.

Slave trading would definitely fit into this game. We should be able to buy some from the Master Taskmaster Master Master in Sepermeru.