Suggestion : New contents for Conan Exiles

i suggest you many idea for adding gameplay.

Owner transfer system :
Design a new block for adding in his base. This block can be use for create a selling contract for his house against silver or gold coins.

Transport system :
I know, you have many problems with mounts. But, play in Conan universe without a horse, a camel or others creatures, its not logic. Add small boats for travel in the river.

Trading system :
You have added money, but not traders. Add traders in differents locations, traveling and sedentary merchants.

Auction house system :
You can create a station for sell items gained in battle or created by players. Every AH stations don’t linked, if a player want buy an object, he must move to the specific AH.

New weather :
Add dangerous elements similar to sandstorm in other areas. Snow tempest, Tornados, etc

Social system for NPC :
add an active or passive system for pnj. This could set defense guards, and others just for decoration that would remain motionless. It would be nice to add also a system of social action as for the player. Be able to ask a NPC to reverence, for example, or ask her to take a dance step.


+1 Good suggest !

I love the snow tempests and tornadoes.

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Ownership transfer: Some form of this could be great. Possibly a central flag or placed object. Maybe make the altars fill that role? Most bases I see set them on the outside, except the one used for a shield.

Trade: merchants are in game, about a dozen standing around Sepemaru/Set City. They sell mostly useless things at high prices, but they exist. I don’t think a traditional MMO economy would work well in this game.

Transport: technical mount limits have been talked about to death. Camels as a beast of burden are coming though. What do boats have to do with anything? If they can solve the current ‘water=safe’ issue, then I could see boats being more useful. And maybe more navigable water.

I think i have a real good suggestion ! :

What about a tame eagle and/or hawk that one could have on youre shoulders to sent out to spy on the enemy?! :eagle: And through the eyes of this bird you see what’s going on, like a scout! Otherwise used to explore areas :sunglasses:

It had been so cool and added a very appropriate dimension to the game! Complement it Funcome! :sunglasses: :+1:

I support it. trade is very necessary. all business.

Snow tempest? Do you mean blizzard?

As for how I’d do blizzards: Just have a wall of ice and snow and make the temperature effects get WAY colder than before… As in you will get hypothermia cold in even the most cold resistant gear unless you get to shelter asap… (Perhaps with the blizzard lasting long enough that someone with full cold gear and the mats to do so could build a hut to huddle in and still have to wait for the blizzard to pass before they could freely walk around outside without suffering cold effects.)

As for a tornado, I’m hesitant to support that one… (Mostly because a proper tornado should damage and possibly destroy structures or at least flat out destroy anything below T2, damage T2, and toss players up into the sky possibly leading to them dying from fall damage if they get caught in its AOE without the shelter buff…

For the swamps I’d think a swarm of locust would work well… (Or any other large cloud like swarm of bugs… Basically like the sandstorm but with the added bonus of inflicting bleed, a sandstorm mask isn’t gonna protect you from the bleed effect, so probably best to get inside quickly when you hear the buzzing start…

Another thought for near the beach: Tsunamis… (Basically a wall of water that submerges the area and then pulls you out to sea… Possibly resulting in your drowning…) But again this one might be a bad idea as it would be another one I’d expect to damage if not outright destroy structures…

Yes, traders are in game, but its to limited. I hope traders who sell many items in a same list, not only one. ^^

For transport, yes, thay have problems with that, but, after the pets system, maybe a mount system ? i hope :slight_smile:

In desert, you have sandstorm with temperature effects. I’m based in the north and i haven’t problem to live. I can stay with my character outside my base without wait to a storm who inflict damages. Just add a damage effect on character if you aren’t in protect in your house will be a great idea. More challenge for exploration.

I like this idea, this way you could just pass your starter shack over to a new player starting out, or hand your base over because you re-build somewhere else.

There will be no mounts, like ever. TBH I do not need them, I would rather see something along two-way Obelisks so you could port back to the maproom you started from, but my personal preference.

As another user pointed out, camels will come with the pet-system.

There are some and yes they are limited.
Here I would like to see tameable vendors so you could set it yourself and offer your goods to others this way.

How about you could like craft a license to “authorise” your trader, see point before, to trade map-wide.
Then you would have like an auction-house interface and when you order something a camel brings you that stuff, for a fee of course :slight_smile:

Absolutely agree, besides the sandstorm there is no dangerous weather-event.
Rain is annoying as not having water in the desert and snow is a mere effect.

I like that too.
There are two mods offering that, one is Pippi where you can place NPC and set an emote for them, even configure their appereance.
And there is another one “Populus”, I believe, which allows you to craft markers you can put on the ground and when you input a Thrall, like you do with crafting stations, it will play the emote <-- actually prefer that one.