Another BIG post of Ideas to improve game

Hi everyone and thx for watching my post :slight_smile:
And this is my second post with some ideas and suggestions for CE that can make game more interesting :slight_smile:

Here you can find my first post:

So let’s begin:

  1. Auction of thralls
    In CE slavery is a part of game, but in real life were slave markets so, it would be nice to see an NPC who will be an auction master and where you can sell your thralls to another player who need it for stone, iron or another resource what’s you wish

  2. Armor and weapon for your animals
    To be honest, all animals, except horses, absolutely useless when you have a good thralls so it would be great to do them more useful for players. Just imagine that you can ride on big beautiful wolf in full armor, or battle goats just like dwarfs from the Hobbit

  3. Boats for safe and fast swimming
    There’s no big necessary for a boats, but it’s wold be fun :slight_smile:

  4. Storms for all biomes
    Just like sand storm in a desert, it must be different storms in all biomes: snow storm in a north, hurricane in a jungle etc.

  5. Mini-quests and message boards
    Just like in Witcher, TESO etc, daily mini-quests, resource gathering and killing orders can do game more interesting

  6. Mini-games and entertainment with bets
    Games with bets will be interesting and gambling

a) Fistfights with NPC and another player’s
b) Card games (something like Gwynt)
c) Game of dice

  1. Weapon painting
    Just like with but weapon xD

  2. Increased variety of undead that you can ressurect
    Undead wolves, horse’s, more different skeletons etc.

  3. Mini map or even compass
    Cmon… We need it.

  4. Choice between character right-handed and left-handed
    Nothing important but it will make characters (and NPC) more different :slight_smile:

This is all for now, thx for watching and good luck in game :slight_smile:

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