A BIG post with ideas and suggestions

First, I want to thank those who are interested in this post, and enjoy reading.
Now let’s get started
I have not been playing Conan for a very long time, but already have ideas that I want to share, some of them are useful, some are not very good, but here they are
1) New thralls (7 types)

You can catch each of these slaves except the servant in such places:
Beastmaster - the capital of desert dogs (placed in a pen for animals, accelerates animal training, increases the chance to grow a better animal and also allows you to make any animal a mount)
Sorcerer - the capital of darfari (located in an alchemical cauldron, allows you to create new undead by adding new recipes, for example undead wolf or undead bear)
Rune master - new asgard (placed in the blacksmith’s workbench, allows you to put runes on the weapon that impose the effect of cold or heat on the weapon when dealing damage, only for 60 lvl) for example, here’s what an ax icon without a rune and with a frostbite rune might look like

Craftsman - the capital of each fraction (placed in the table of the artisan, allows you to create Т3 building blocks in the style of the fraction to which belongs, such as Darfari or the Black Hand, as well as decorations and interior items of these fractions) for example, here is how the foundation, wall and roof of different fractions might look

Bard - the capital of each fraction (placed freely, like a dancer, but instead of dancing, sings songs in the style of the faction to which he belongs and plays different instruments like drums or harp)
Ritual tattooist - the capital of each fraction (placed in an alchemical cauldron, it allows you to create a fraction tattoo for which one belongs. A tattoo gives a permanent bonus to one of the characteristics. Only one tattoo can be on a character at a time only for 60 lvl) for example, here’s how different tattoos of different fractions might look


Servant - purchase for 200 gold coins from a slave merchant in pirate bay (placed freely, like a fighter or archer, but serves more as an element of decor, since he can’t fight but performs only one of three functions: 1 - He stands and waves his fan (if placed near a bed or throne, he will look atmospheric), 2 - sits on his knees holding a tray of food in front of him (in this case you can use it, you can put food or drink on the tray and it will be displayed, when you press the action key you can eat or drink from the tray), 3 - stands with a broom and sweeps (can be used to create an atmosphere of cleaning) for example, here’s how a servant’s work might look (sorry for such a picture lol)

2) New weapon types
I offer three new skills that you can only get when you reach level 60

Barbarian - allows you to use all one-handed weapons in both hands, two axes, two maces, two swords and even two shields, just like this guy lol

Defender - allows you to use a spear with a shield just like the Hoplites, and also halves the shield’s power consumption when blocking attacks

Hunter - allows you to use one dagger together at once, reduces attack speed but increases damage with one dagger and also allows you to pull the bow twice as fast with a strong shot on the right mouse button

3) Т4 Religon altars

The player gets the opportunity to show one of the gods the true faith and improve one of the altars to level 4, but at the same time the player can only have one altar of level 4.
Upon improvement, the player will be able to create in the altar a unique weapon of this religion called the Will of God, for example, Will of the Ymir or Will of Derketo, to create you will need any legendary weapon of the same type as well as other resources.
for example, here’s how religion’s weapons may look

4)New type of weapons and tools
a new type of weapon - glaive, a mix of a two-handed sword and a spear

new tools
two-handed pickaxe - has 0.75 attack speeds, unlike one-handed picks, but twice as much production per hit
two-handed lumberjack ax - has 0.75 attack speeds, unlike one-handed, but twice as much production with one hit
two-handed scythe - has 0.75 attack speeds, unlike one-handed, but twice as much production from one hit
hoe - produces three times more seeds

5) Commands, emotions and dances for slaves and animals

The ability for slaves to use the emotions and dances that the player has studied, for this the player must hold down the action button on the slave and choose what he wants to do, so it will be possible to command some slaves to sit near the fire, and some to lie on the carpet near the throne, which will also add atmosphere of the game. Also, the player can give the simplest commands to some animals, for example, he can give the command to the wolf to lie, or the command to the bear to sit.

6) Other small offers
1 - Imposing an illusion on a weapon or armor
To enable the player to impose an illusion on the weapon or armor, because of which the item will look like another, the armor can be disguised as any other armor, that is, the illusion of light and so on can be imposed on heavy armor. But only the illusion of weapons of the same class can be imposed on a weapon, that is, a two-handed sword can be disguised only as another two-handed sword. For example, a player has Darfar armor, he wants to wear it, however, he does not like the way it looks, he can take another armor and use it in an alchemical cauldron to create the illusion of this armor, which can be applied to the necessary armor as well as improvements. Thus, Darfar armor will look like Aquilonian, but at the same time it will be the same Darfar armor.
It will look something like this

2 - The religion of Dagon and the religion of Sobek
I don’t know how it would look, but there are adherents of the Sobek in the lair of the game, which could add the opportunity to study the religion of the god, the crocodile, and there is also an underwater city where you could study the religion of the ancient Lemurians. If you have any ideas about this, I will be glad to see them here.

3 - More decorative plants
The ability to plant trees and large bushes, as well as create decorative thickets of moss on the walls of your home. This would probably make the construction of a house in the forests more atmospheric.

4 - Glider “Bat”

The same as the elytra in Minecraft only in the form of bat wings made of silk. It would be fun lol. It will look something like this

Well, that’s all for now. As I said, some of these ideas are good or useful, and some are not very good, but I wanted to share them, so thanks again to those who were interested in this post. :slight_smile:


I love all of them!!!


Thx very much:)

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