My Conan Exiles Suggestions - Mostly for Realism and RP

Conan Exiles Suggestions

Some of these may or may not have already been discussed in this forum. If they have, let me know and I’ll just cross them out. It would be terribly time consuming to rummage through the entire suggestion forum to see what has and hasn’t been talked about.

But here are some of my personal suggestions for Conan Exiles, in no short order:

  1. Non-static NPCs and animals. The current Conan world is fantastic, and fun to explore, but everything is incredibly static. There are no surprises. Every NPC and animal is expected to be in a certain place, and never moves. I would like to see these animals and NPCs roam. The threat of running across something dangerous while you’re out and about is exciting, instead of just “oh there’s a group of wolves up this way; we should hang right”

  2. Magic - Obviously this has been talked about, but wizardry DOES exist in Conan, and it should be accessible to players to some degree.

  3. Better combat animation/hit boxes/interrupts. It’s insanely annoying that once an NPC starts a “combo” it cannot be stopped. They will follow through the entire 3 or four attacks, regardless of the fact that you whacked them with a massive hammer before their first hit even landed. You, on the other hand, get your ■■■ WRECKED if you started a swing when they start their combo. Far too janky, and needs to be fixed.

  4. Different building styles should not require the same EXACT building materials in the same exact quantities. This is just a lazy way to implement DLC with different visual styles. Make it realistic; there’s no way a stone arena foundation uses the same amount of SHAPED WOOD as say, the Savage Frontier, which is primarily wooden.

  5. I’m not sure how I feel about the power level of a thrall. Role play wise it makes zero sense. Thralls are 1000% stronger and more constitute than the person that broke them. Thralls essentially carry you through the game because the power level of enemies and the player is insanely unbalanced. Everything is just too strong. A wolf, for example, can be sliced and diced thirty times with an axe and only be down to a quarter health (I’m not talking about end game obviously), while one bite from said wolf is 1/4 your own health bar. At the same time, if you’ve nabbed yourself a T4 thrall and pushed them to about level 10-15 (not difficult to do), you can set them to work on legendary enemies and just sit back and watch them take care of it. I DO like the dynamic of the player and thrall, but overall I feel like the HP and damage scaling between thralls, players, NPCs, and creatures is just downright atrocious.

  6. Baby animals and thralls should not be able to be kept in your inventory indefinitely. I don’t know if you just have no interest in the realism or role play aspect of the world, but stuffing baby animals and people into a vault and not feeding them should result in their death.

  7. Baby animals should not all weigh the same. Again, this is a lazy tactic used to easily “balance” the game. A piglet and a baby rhino do NOT both weigh 50 lbs. for crying out loud.

edit: ALSO, add baby animals to the taming pen! I want to see my little babies in there eating and growing.

  1. I don’t necessarily LIKE having to feed animals and thralls, but I do appreciate the realism of them needing to eat. Currently, there is little to no risk of losing any of your thralls or animals on PvE. You log out, and when you log back in you know everything is going to be just fine and dandy, the same way you left it. Which is great in most cases, but for some people who enjoy the realism or RP, animals and thralls needing food should be a server option to toggle.

Thanks for taking the time to read and consider my words! Have a wonderful day!

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They sorta do already, they have a 24hourish timer, some have 150? Gameplay wise, its kinda needed. Some people have lives.
You can turn on feeding them in option if you want. (if it still works)

I got play time… there are weeks were i pull 60-70+ hours… and it sucks to come home near dead, shove a bread in my mouth, crawl into shower, then bed to repeat next day. Showing up feed animals and thralls is not on list. =p

I agree… some of them should be 25 units. (not realstic…but gameplay wise… )

I would actually like to keep some of them as “pets” stage, So I can place baby croc and let him chill in little pen I made. XD

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Interesting. I wonder if it’s a server setting, but the animals have zero timer for me. In inventory or sitting in the pen.

Ya, theres a setting for it. (I think) I run mostly default setting outside Thrall Pen/Pet Pens at .500 and Stam 0.5 and Food/thrist at 0.5

Mostly QoL Settings. XD

I know once placed thou, the timer is removed. (which leads to decay system kicking in if on)

That’s a game balance decision. DLC building sets are meant to be cosmetic only, ie. they’re all really reinforced stone pieces with a bit of spit and polish to make them prettier. Funcom doesn’t want players to gain (apparent) advantages from paid DLCs, and a different ratio of building material could be seen as an advantage, especially around parts of the map where certain resources are more abundant or scarcer.

But the player (often) has brains. Thralls don’t. Heck, they don’t even know how to dodge, and if they have a shield, they use it apparently randomly. They can’t make tactical decisions by picking the best weapon for any given task, or position themselves so as not to get flanked, etc. Despite their hitpoints and damage output, any player can beat any thrall in a duel.

Thralls would require a complete AI rework in order to fight like a player - and let’s face it, since NPCs outnumber players in most situations, if they were capable of fighting like even a mediocre player, few of us would get past the Exile camps at Noob River.

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That still feels like a lazy excuse to not have to balance the resources needed. You can make the argument about access to resources even in the games current state. Iron to get up north, but if you’re up there, brimstone is a pain unless you build a fob down by Gallaman’s or Sinners Retreat.

It’s a survival building game, and that’s just part of it. From a pvp perspective, nobody gives a crap about any this because first priority is simplicity with mats and building so they can jump back to combat ASAP. But for PvE, those details of the game, imo, are everything. Farming the same three materials for EVERY building style is monotonous and repetitive. No creativity there, and using game balance as an excuse really just backs up the lazy argument.

Sorry for the separate responses, I’m on my phone lol. So copying and quoting isn’t easy. I understand it would need an overhaul and just won’t happen. I just feel weird when I can set my thrall to attack a dragon and pretty much just sit back and watch. It’s just such a strange game balance to me.

You’re so weak on your own. Even if you are adept at fighting NPCs, a slip up can mean the enemy getting a combo on you and wreck half your hps. But once you get that thrall… it’s like you’ve got an army at your back.

Now I don’t mind farming Legendary creatures by setting my thrall to attack and then Going to make a sandwich, but it feels cheap lol

I know. I got kinda lucky in a role-playing sense, because I wrote my character to be a sneaky thief rather than a mighty warrior - so it makes sense that I recruit a mighty warrior NPC to fight monsters for me while I go grab the loot. Maybe that’s why I’m less bothered by thralls being stronger than my character than many.

The character I intend to play on Siptah is a scholar, so I can keep using similar excuses to why the brainless brute seems so much stronger than me.

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Thats a balance choice. If something becomes more expensive or cheaper to farm it immediately messes up PVP and raids, since people who use this cheaper building can build faster. (I know its ironic to say this since black ice walls are much easier to farm, compared to their counterpart)

That said, its not like it would be the first time. DLC armors required you to have any T4 armorer, while every other vanilla armor required a specific thrall.

Baby animals will die if put in a chest. You will get a carcass that can be put in a fluid press. If put in a preservation box greatly decrease decay. I believe if you run them through animal pen without putting them down they will last indefinitely like human thralls. @Morkilimus

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