More in-depth NPC-Play

Hey guys,

I have a few suggestions to Conan Exiles in terms of the NPCs and things to do with them. I’m going to simply state my suggestions, and if you like them, continue reading by all means.

Suggestions Up Front:

  1. Child NPCs
  2. Jail
  3. More active NPCs

So basically, my suggestions are what’s listed above. I will give a more detailed description below if anybody cares to read it.

  1. Child NPCs:

Yes, NPCs as they are work and do the job, but including children into the realm of NPC’s would certainly increase the aspects of gameplay.

For starters, child slavery. Yes, I know how this sounds. Terrible, vile, dark, and inhumane…everything that the barbarians are known for. Capture a kid and take them to your wheel, break them, and have them work for you. Then, as children typically are not as efficient as adults, you can tier them up by training them to do certain things. Throw them in a fighting pen to teach them to fight. A range for an archer. A fire for a cook. Maybe give them smaller by introducing a brand new type of thrall - a gatherer. Maybe they’d just gather some plant fiber and berries for starters, but as you tier them up, they’d learn to mine stone and cut trees down. But knowing how kids are, while gathering, they may attempt to escape. So maybe have a taskmaster watching them, otherwise you might have to chase them down yourself, or they may just escape you.

But for every bad deed, there is also good. So I suggest along your travels, you could run into a child in the midst of being captured or that is already a slave, and you can try to fight off the slavers in order to free them, in which case they could either run away or pledge their service to you as a “volunteer thrall” because maybe their parents were killed by the slavers, etc. Pretty much, you’d be adopting the kid. Which would mean there should be an option to have children yourself, maybe with a thrall of yours? Or better yet, another player. Just a thought.

Maybe a child is seen spending a suspiciously long time at one of your chests that are outside, trying to pick the lock for about 15 minutes. You catch them, and you may get to choose whether you want to let them go, take them as a slave, or jail them which leads me to my next suggestion.

  1. Jail:

So we all know what it’s like to capture an NPC and realize all the slots in your wheel are filled. Why not have a jail cell to keep them in as they wait? Or maybe you could keep the NPCs in the jail cell if they were a child trying to steal from you, or if you wanted to sell one of the NPCs you’ve captured to another player? Maybe you could just lock an NPC in there that you don’t particularly like, and just keep him there for however long you’d like, deciding whether you want to feed him gruel, or starve him. Maybe add a bit of torture in the mix, and say you’re purged by a tribe of barbarians. Capture one of them alive, and have them tortured by a taskmaster? There could be a breaking bar just like those on the wheel have, and once broken, they can offer information as to where the tribe is located so you can go show them what it’s like to be raided in the comfort of their home.

  1. More Active NPCs:

I think it would be awesome to have NPCs walking through the lands, maybe a trader with a pack camel full of goods, and a couple men to guard his caravan. Or thieves trying to steal from your chests. People coming to you for help because their villages have been raided. The possibilities are endless.

So these are a few of my suggestions, though I feel I’ll have plenty more in the future. Let me know what you guys think of them, whether the demands are too ridiculous, or if you’d like to hear more.


Another one I can’t quite figure out how I forgot about is mounts. Riding some type of mount like a horse, bear or even a mammoth would be an awesome addition, as well as using leather to make saddles and what not.

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