10 Quality of Life improvements

Hello Fellow Exiles

I just recently started playing Conan Exiles with friends and loving it, props to the Devs on this masterpiece!

But all things no matter how great can use a lil improvement. Down below I will list some simple things that could make the game even more interesting and entertaining

  1. World Creatures and possibly a population slider in the server commands: World NPC’s should be have a bigger patrol radius within their respective biome or area. This would implement chances of random encounters and make the world feel more lively. Like a random rhino ending up near a player base and starts attacking it. If possible having a way to increase the amount of spawned roaming creatures could be awesome.

  2. Random Encounters: As you are traveling the exiled lands you should come across random patrol groups of thralls or animals moving as a pact. Traveling merchants would be awesome and immersive. I believe this was on the base map where would you find a random named thrall walking around, let’s use that and make it into a bigger group and BAM! This would make the world more immersive(imagine farming for more materials and you get ambushed by black hand warriors or a group of wolves, yikes! The population slider could effect this as well, having slider increased would prompt for more random Encounters with groups.

  3. The steel cages: currently they are just decoration. But an easy fix to this would be to have the steel cages randomly spawn in captured tamed thralls of all kinds(or you could based the captured thralls off of region the cage is in) With a small chance of getting a named thrall.

  4. Jailer Thrall: Jailer thrall could be used for the cage and can be alternative for taskmaster so the jailer could be use on the Wheel of Pain as well. Depending on the level of the jailer, could increase chance of getting a higher level thrall and named thrall.

  5. New biome/area at top left or bottom right for Isle of Siptah: Frost region would be nice to bring back. New world bosses to farm and new dungeons to run. I personally miss the frost giants and the huge mammoths.

  6. Tamed Thralls and Pets: Adding a command to have your guarding thrall to patrol area would be awesome and make our base/settlements feel more alive. The “follow distance wheel” could be used for this while they are not currently following the player. In the wheel could have idle(when they just stand there) and have when you put them on 5,15, 30, 50 Follow distance, this tells them how far they can travel from their starting stand point.
    Im sure the folks who like to build on Conan would love this feature as it makes their settlements feel alive. This would also go hand to hand with the patrolling NPC’s I talked about so your thralls could better protect your base

  7. Useful Warhorns: The ivory warhorn could be use not just for the sound but having an interesting mechanic when your warhorn would alert all your NPC’s within the radius to draw their weapons and patrol area for enemies. This would help immensely with purges as if the horn is blown all your thralls would flock to area that’s being attacked, likely causing a huge sexy battle.

  8. Drinking: In my opinion drinking from lakes, rivers and the sea should be poisonous. Only drinking from purified water should be good and the Mitra Well(this easily adds more viability to Mitra religion) and the survival perk tree where you don’t get sick from eating raw food.

  9. Archer Thralls: Buff Archers overall damage and give them unlimited arrows based off their region/Tier, for an example. If I have an accursed archer(most accursed use star metal weaponry) he should use star metal arrows and that’s his base arrows that have unlimited usages. Or Stygian should have base unlimited steel arrows, Defari have bone arrows, black hand using iron and etc. This ONLY works for archer thralls, that way it’s not abused on fighter thralls. This will most definitely give more viability to archers and make them more deadly for the enemy and the player. Also on the side note. Orb throwing thralls should be their own thralls and have unlimited usage of throwing orbs and things like throwing axes and javelins in my opinion.

  10. Buff Large Beings: Large beings such as elephants, rhinos, giants etc. These monsters should do more damage and splash ragdoll effects(looking at you rhino) when they hit you, you need to go flying! And should have some form of hyper armor that stops them from being stun locked and beaten into submission. This should also be given to boss creatures and some bosses in general to be ignoring stun locks. This instantly makes these beings more dangerous and scary and dungeons more difficult.

These are in my opinion and the opinions of many other people that I know to play Conan on what should be implemented into this wonderful game. I would love feedback on this, And thank you for reading my post Fellow Exiles!


As someone who also recently started playing the game, I recently posted my own feedback thread, but I shall add a few new ones here.

I would like to be able to take both a Thrall and a Pet on journeys with me. Just one of each would do. It would make Pets much more useful overall.

Boats for rivers and the Isle of Siptah.

Mining and Woodcutter thralls to gather resources, Hunter Thralls who can get food for you.

Better loot drops from enemies.

Guaranteed drops when butchering enemies. There have been so many times I’ve harvested an enemy yet gotten nothing.

Class specific Perks for Thrall Fighters, Archers, and Dancers.


I am all for survival mechanics too keep things interesting, however one issue with this one. Not all wild water is contaminated. Water out in nature can still be pure and safe to drink.

I do realize in this day and age of polluted water this could be misunderstood. I will not argue though boiling water is safer than drinking from a body of water for bacteria and such, but not always necessary as it really depends on the water’s source and location.


I agree with all except the boat part unless the devs touch up the map where rivers have more depth to them and add water enemies like sharks and Piranhas. It could definitely work!

I like the idea of resource thralls maybe instead of restricting and making the thralls that use workbenches only, we can place them down like a regular thrall and they have the command to “search and gather resources”. based off their survival level and perks will determine if they actually come back alive, haha.

It would be awesome to have multiple pets and thralls following you. Imagine having your own group of thralls going to fight a world boss!


Hmm… I see what you mean. Maybe they can just add safe water to lakes and rivers and keep the body of water around more hazardous?

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I like most of these.

  1. In nature running water like a clear stream out in the wild, is usually okay to drink. Stagnant water is a big no no. I wouldn’t be against the game reflecting this.

  2. We actually had something like this back in Early Access. The Archer Thrall would use whatever you gave them without expending the arrow.

I had a posioned hardened steel arrow I would “prime” my thralls with. I could take it away and they would still shoot posioned HS arrows.

This went away when thralls gained the ability to follow. So I doubt it will ever come back much as I wish it would.


Siptah literally already has this?



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1: World bosses aren’t the roaming kind. They settle in one area and fiercly guard it. I woudn’t, however, be opposed to the idea of roaming minu bosses spawning at world boss areas and seeking out their own territory – just like real life wildlife offspring have to leave and seek out an area for themselves.

2: It would make for a more dynamic world, definitely.

3,4: These are already implemented on the Isle of Siptah.

5: Yeah, Siptah really needs more land and more dungeons too.

6: Thralls and pets are getting emotes in 2.8. Patrols aren’t that far fetched to add into this mix, imo.

7: Yeah, you’re not alone wanting this mechanic. These horns should not be just a decoration, they should have a practical use for player bases and npc settlements alike.

8: Running wate is basically safe to drink while stagnant water is where you’ll get parasites that make you sick. And salty sea water wouldn’t be good to drink since instead of quenching thirst it’ll have the opposite effect.

9: I agree with you that archers should be using better arrows by default depending on their default group.


Does it? Seems like once I unlock the cage for building, it’s just for decoration and has no function to it. I’ll check again maybe I am doing something wrong.

Darn! Infinite arrows that you put on them would be awesome to bring back. But also want the enemy thralls to get buffed to their respective class arrows as well.

It’s not a cage you build. You find them out in the wild. They have a jailor that drops a key that unlocks them.

No, thanks. Anyone who’s just starting the game will find themselves with a choice of dying from thirst or dying from poisoning. Survival should be hard, true, but a meaningless choice between two kinds of death is just bad game design.

This was removed because it’s not good for game balance and because people exploited the crap out of it. Duping the arrows and throwing axes was a bit of a sport back then.

Bye-bye “survival” :smiley:

I wouldn’t hold my breath. Emotes should be client-side only. Patrols would require running their AI on the server: path-finding, target acquisition, aggro, the whole shebang.

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