Families in this game and having kids

I guess it be interesting to see families in the exiled lands. Maybe we can make a family too and get married lol.

AH! you changed it and now it’s a completely new topic so your edit dictates I need to as well.

Interesting and I sort of like this idea as long as there is are some controls because I can see a child running up to you while you are dragging the parent away…begging you to release them and what will happen to them now.

Controls would be that you can never hurt said child. They are immune to damage of any kind and immediately aggro everyone around them.

Now as far as having kids go…too much like Skyrim, IMHO.


Whose children? The Exiles children or are you thinking that there could be kids that are also hung out to die also? Honestly I would figure that the slave bracelets would prevent reproduction as to control populations.


Most of the people here on the Exiled Lands are adults and while it “Should” be possible for them to procreate, we all know this would push the already high rating into oblivion.



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Rare spawns, just like puppies, and you just grab them, and put them in the wheel.
If I remember correctly, Arnie grew up in a wheel of pain in the movie.


As darkly hilarious as I think it would be to go full Anakin Skywalker there is no way that wouldn’t be a PR disaster.


It would. It’s unthinkable. On fallout 4 you had children, but it’s less brutal in many ways.

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You need jesus, a psychologist, and probably the police


Just as cultural perspective from the conan lore stories

Y’know I can’t think of a single Howard Conan story that involved children. Not sure why you think they’re somehow so vital to the tone of the setting.

(And before you bring it up, yes, I know Conan was enslaved as a child in the 1982 movie. That was made up for that movie, it didn’t happen in the original stories, which are what this game draws from.)


For Age of Conan, there were children in the world, although rare on the most part. Non-killable NPCs and 1 quest giver if recall correctly. They were added to give the world a more realistic feel.

For Conan Exiles, almost all the mobs are killable or capable of being enslaved so I think some might find it in bad taste to have children NPCs that could be attacked. Adding additional non-killable mobs may not be worth it for performance value of the game. I recall EQ2 removed excess NPCs in the cities to reduce lag issues since they were only to populate the city.

Note this was originally written when the topic was adding kids. I will add a comment about the new OP topic at later time.

Big no on children added to the base game. What people do with mods or their own private servers is their business, which is where these sorts of eccentricities belong.


Unless the children are under Mitra’s protection and are untouchable maybe.

Honestly like I said before I would figure that the bracelets would prevent offspring. The ones who enslaved the original wearers of the bracelets would good reason to prevent slave numbers from growing beyond manageable numbers or at all without their permission.


I’ve seen RP servers use this as a bit of a lore explanation before, and that’s fine for them. I’ve played on those without any issue.

But for the base game, does this really need to be explained or even talked about? We’re playing character sentenced for crimes they did or did not commit, looking to survive and get out. Anything more than that is simple RP that can be done on an individual level. Hence mods and private servers.

For the basic game. We don’t need the particulars.

For players looking to dive deeper, they have options available.


Agreed and fair enough. This would be most definitely suited to a private server environment.


You think?! :rofl:

Sorry @Mkishtarkorra but… I can’t think of any reason why children are a fitting addition to this game. Presuming your intentions are innocent and you don’t want to harm the virtual kids, SIMS Medieval might be the experience you’re looking for. My wife plays it when she wants to play Conan but doesn’t feel like murdering and enslaving everybody.

My entire family plays this game and believe me, it’s all sunshine and rainbows until your son discovers trebuchets and forgets the concept of aiming in the name of “physics testing”, forcing you to log on every few days to make sure he’s not repeating said shenanigans and undoing days of work…


Please keep your posts civil. Based on the absurdities of the crimes we all were convicted of, it is very possible that your entire family was sent to the exiled lands.


What a horrible scenario to have not only you, but your whole family be banished and the children not be able to experience again the outside world unless of course you could release them through the epic quest.