Lore Question About Bracelets

Can someone just walk into the Exiled Lands and not be wearing a Bracelet? If so, can they settle here and create their own society? Would they have access to Magic and other things, like reproduction, since the bracelet is not preventing or suppressing that?

Or do you have to be wearing the bracelet to get past the curse wall?

Conan isn’t wearing the bracelet and he’s just wondering around so I guess you can come and go as you please.
My question is those born in the exile lands do they get a bracelet?

From what i’ve seen there are no children in the exiled lands. hence no new born people… Just old ones reborn again and again…

They are barbarians probably plenty of hanky panky going on and no protection The exiled lands have been around for years kids were born and they have grown up. some of the notes and lore in game mention fathers and sons and that one women with a thing for giants.
The only reason we don’t see children in the game is because of censorship killing kids is a taboo in all games.

The Bracelets prevent pregnancy. I believe that the Warmaster mention it, as human’s reproduced too quickly in comparison to Giant-Kings

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Oh I must of missed that part
every time I talk to that guy I always get distracted by the skelis trying to kill me.

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