Lore Question - Children and their bracelets?

I’ve seen a few really old topics on this, and there was mention that the bracelets prevented pregnancy via a conversation with the Warmaker.

However, there is a note in the Mound of the Dead about someone taking their 13 year old little brother out to learn the ways of the warrior and collect the right plants. A 13 year old boy in the Exiled Lands? Some people have been in exiles for decades. If this wasn’t a person born in the Exiled Lands, then this person was kidnapped and placed there with his family when he was younger than 13? His arms would be considerably smaller than the bracelets that the adults wear; do they grow with a person or did the bracelet stay small for a boys wrist and then cut off circulation to his hand as he grew?

That question leads to the next one: the pirate queen has no bracelet. She has a hook hand where the bracelet would be, but the hook hand is far, far smaller than the bracelet, so it should be visible, but it’s not. So she can come and go as she pleases?

This leads to the next question: cutting off one’s hand or arm and then leaving the exiled lands. Sounds pretty simple to do. The bracelet only kills people who try to remove it, but there is nothing stopping people from removing a body part to remove the bracelet.

With a blade sharp enough, one could very delicately amputate above the bracelet, then slide the bracelet off and reattach the amputated limb and it would heal.

So, where are the kids at, and why aren’t people removing their arms to escape?


Its best not to overthink a mechanism for explaining why the map is finite… scrutinize closer and you’ll realize the map is only about 5 miles across and goes from desert to tundra to jungle…

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The fence does nothing to people not wearing the bracelet, Conan isn’t wearing one.

Other people and their children could pass into and out of the exiled lands unscathed.
and they probably wouldn’t want to stay very long.

Today’s Medical technology doesn’t guarantee a severed limb will reattach, let alone heal with 100% mobility.

1000 years ago a severed limb was close to a death sentence, The fictional Hyborian Age was something like 30,000 years ago.

There is also some confounding info on these daggers:

The inscription on the daggers tell the story of his life - from growing up as a frail child in the streets of Sepermeru to growing up to become a family man, only to lose his children to the Reaping Storm, sacrificing his very soul to Set in order to keep his true love alive but ultimately losing her to a sandstorm.

IMHO it is fine to handwave children out of this fantasy brutalism.

Isn’t Conan in Sepermeru so that he can meet up with Razma since they’ve both removed their bracelets and are about to go skipping into the sunset (south?) and through the green wall together?

Not sure, I got most of the lore from this game by reading old sugar packets…

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I didn’t know that.

Most of my good material comes from Laffy Taffy wrappers, so I’m on the same page.

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You both should try the fun facts on the wrapper of the kracker jacks toy, it’s the definitive source for all lore.

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Yes to this, and they also meet with your character outside the wall since, in the lore, you remove it just in time as they’re leaving. Or in my case, they’re waiting 20 years while I finish my disney castle…

Anyway, Conan still has to confront Thoth Amon, whom is responsible for each and every exile bracelet created and enchanted, and he’s using the exiles and the purge to explore the Exiled Lands to find the gems that control the release mechanism for the bracelet, so that he can send in his Mummy from his Serpent Ring of Set to claim them – the mummy is supposed to the be the final boss before you can use Chaosmouth altar. Once he has the gems, he has ultimate power over who stays and who doesn’t in the land. Until then, it’s always possible some lousy adventurer claims the gems and frees themselves of the bracelet and starts passing around a keystone letting everyone out in a giant prison break…

So, Conan and Razma and you meet up outside the Exiled Lands and proceed to confront Thoth Amon in one of Conan’s stories.


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