Bracelet Question

One of the NPCs in the starter area near the Sentinels talks about a time he witnessed a man cutting his hand off to free himself of the bracelet, but he ended up bleeding out where he stood. What if, though, someone did cut their hand off and someone managed to put a sturdy wrap around the stump and stop the bleeding?

You can get a hook like a pirate. lol.

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Jerry Seinfeld: “BUT I DON’T WANNA BE A PIRATE!”

From beginning the game: You cannot escape into the endless wastes, Enslaved, your bonding forbids it. Follow the road, ANY ROAD, all roads lead to The City. This has always made me think the bracelet is an implant you would not want to remove. Since we also attune to the obelisks with it, the lore-writer inside my head says that without the bracelet we might lose our chance to freely travel, whether it’s by obelisk or bedroll.


There’s a lot of room for interpretation, but my take: the bracelet traps the spirit inside the Ghost Fence / curse wall and as a consequence results in functional immortality.


And if you did get out… you’d have live long enough find your way home, let alone time resting to recover form blood lost, or infection… which means staying in exile lands and living long enough to even get out…

Its likely possable… doctors seem to be non-extant. And anyone who claims to be one… is likely more medicine man, then a surgeon. XD

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:smirk:Hypothetical what if

Amputate hand with bracelet and sewn onto another exile.

What happens when that exile dies? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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