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Im not very keen on the exiled lands lore.
If i understand correctly everyone that has the bracelet cant die inside the exiled lands?
How does death work in the exiled lands?
Can someone give me an elaborate explaination
about the concept of death in the exiled lands?


@Jimbo ? Care to share your thoughts?

There is a couple of theories about how this works and depending on which server you play on, and if its a RP server with established lore, your mileage will vary.

What we do know is that in the game itself, crossing the Ghost Fence will kill you. There is many examples of NPCs dying to this and not coming back, and if you do it yourself, it plays a cutscene of your character dying in a horrible way, a stark antithesis of the one that shows your character escaping.

We also see evidence of people killed and dismembered and they do not appear to be able to return. You see these from the very start after the cross and throughout the exiled lands. In addition we have people being consumed by monsters, animals, and even cannibals. Those individuals do not appear to come back.

The ability to respawn after death as a player, and for various NPCs to respawn after dying appears to simply be a game mechanic. But some theories like to include them. But at the end of the day, they are theories.

Theories will change from server to server, but the facts we do have do not and are consistent.

The dream within the dream within the dream

When you die in your dreams, you wake up; but the nature of the exiled lands keeps you trapped dreaming, thus you awake into the same dream you wake from.

The item description for beds and bedrolls covers this briefly, but the larger explanation is tied to the Lovecraftian Dreamlands, an understanding that when one dreams, they travel to another reality entirely. This other reality is where the Exiled Lands are held, meaning you exist in a simultaneous state of concious unconscious. Your physical body is transported into the dreams, yet the death of your body within the dream manifests a new one upon awakening.

The Isle of Siptah is located within the waking world, however the influence of the Tower weakens the barriers of realities. Denizens of the Dreamlands make their way to the Isle, including the Spiders of Leng, and bracelet-bound exiles.


As a game with no “game over” mechanics and infinitely respawning resources, one needs to suspend one’s disbelief to some extent. How does that rock grow back minutes after I’ve broken it into pieces, but the pick I used to break it doesn’t regenerate? If I “recruit” Lian from his camp and return there the next day, my Lian will meet a new Lian. When I “die”, I return to the desert, but when an NPC dies, a new random person respawns in their stead.

The explanation that makes the most sense is that the Exiled Lands aren’t really real, or at least not quite as real as the real world.

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How do you think this is going to work with the invading army from Stygia?

Will Ctesphon have Toth bracelet his entire expedition force?

Ain’t there a NPC with this dialogue about the Exiled Lands being a dream?
A Frost Giant that also teaches you Ymir’s Religion, the Outcast iirc.
He does say that it is just his theory though~

I don’t think he has the gall to have Thoth Amon do anything.

Most likely the invaders will use the existing human models, so they’ll have bracelets.

That would also explain why the invaders come in small numbers, rather than in their thousands. Hard to mass-produce those bracelets.

But then you come back to life right?

To me it looks as though those that are dead are there as decoration that is meant to lead you to think that you can die even though you cant…

My advice? Don’t lose your sleep over it.
The lore inspires but can’t govern the game’s mechanics.
So, like in any game, unless there’s perma death, death is a oopsie moment that shouldn’t have happened. You’re given another chance by playability motives. You can try to fit it within the lore, but that will always be a forced interpretation.
It’s the Ymir religion teacher, the Castaway, @SpherisCore . But this is his interpretation. Doesn’t mean he is right.
My opinion? The exiled lands are just a magical prision inside a force field that kills you if you try to leave. Its creators know it contains powerful secrets they want for themselves, so they use prisioners to find them, instead of their own manpower. Somehow they organize the purge that supposedly brings them the relics that contain the key to the secrets of this land. That’s my take, at least.
And death is real death. There are the undead and the ghosts, but these aren’t really alive, the same applying to the giant kings. They are magical creatues. But humans die permanently. They don’t truly, because of playability, that’s all.



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For what i know if i remember correctly, the bracelets are made by the big-suckie-face-guys to let the humans know any language and be able to communicate withe the suckie-face-race, and the barrier is created by the suckie-face magic to imprison the humans in the exiled lands as punishment for their betrayal. @Jimbo aprove if its correct or not plz

I think that was in the ancient past and someone was able to replicate the technology more recently, @tutski . It’s all ruined now. “Suckie-face-guys”… :laughing:

The bracelets were forged as a group effort between the giant-kings, the lemurians, and overseen by Nyarlathotep. It was Nyarlathotep’s whisperings to the giant-kings which made them include the curse, dormant and waiting for a time. After hostilities broke out between the two, the curse was enacted.

Thoth-Amon found the bracelets millenia later, unused and repurposed them into prison shackles once again. I don’t believe he’s forging more; he just has a large supply that he somehow collected from ancient graves and battlefields. Even with the immense power of his ring, it alone isn’t enough to fully recreate the bracelets.

I do not think these new stygian invaders will come wearing the bracelets, as they’re a legion being sent by the stygian king, not by Thoth-Amon. These are soldiers invading with purpose, not your regular plunderers and relic hunters we’ve seen before.

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The base human model has a bracelet, but it can be hidden with armor. Conan’s model also has a bracelet that is hidden by his armor. Funcom can make the armies have or not have bracelets the same way.

You think Cstephon would send his army into the Exiled Lands without Thoth-Amon being behind it?

:open_mouth: i was not updated on this!

@Jimbo thx for sorting things out!

I was thinking this myself, but due to the timeline of Conan Exiles, I’m not 100% sure that Thoth-Amon is in full control yet.

Thoth-Amon made Cstephon king. He was always in control.

Yes, actually.

If the princess is in fact his daughter, he would indeed send his army in over that. Thoth-Amon may be the manipulative mastermind behind Stygia, but Cstephon isn’t his obedient dog; he’s a ruler who can make his own decisions even if they are mostly ideas planted into his head by others. That being said, his invasion may be pulled back abruptly at the end of this age - not because defeat at the hands of exiles, but by Thoth-Amon’s maneuvering to bring it to an end.