Lore Questions (possible spoilers!)

I know a lot is deliberately left vague and up to player imagination and that’s fine. However we roleplaying geeks with servers of our own who wish to incorporate the lore of the game in a logical way into our own stroytelling have questions that need answers!

We know Thoth Amon acquired the Ring of Set and an apparently near endless trove of slave bracelets at least 20 years ago and was, at first, dumping troublesome people for King Cstephon here in the Exiled Lands.

So my big question is: Of the established racial groups like the Vanir and Cimmerians and the Darfari… were THEY all brought here as exiles also? Were they brought over as a group or did they simply band together along racial lines once here? Since they all wear the bracelets it SEEMS to suggest that they ARE all exiles brought to these lands by Thoth Amon’s treachery. But the question of whether or not they are “native” to the area and were just braceleted once Thoth Amon basically took over the area seems unanswered and among the possibilities to me. Is there any way to find out? Any official lore on the subject of these groups at all?

Lastly… children. Obviously we don’t see any. But does that literally mean none are there? Do the bracelets render people sterile? Is there any evidence that anyone has been born in the Exiled Lands since Thoth Amon started using the bracelets? Has this topic been addressed at all by the devs? Halp! These are things I need to know! LOL

On the topic of children: According to an ingame note found in the Forgotten Tribe village, it is possible for women to bear children. At least the note suggests it.

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Yes. there are several references for the races… You can always look up and read the Original Hyborean chronicles written by Robert E. Howard… D&D d20 campaign setting and supplements published by mongoose and Xoth.net are both riddled with lore… I don’t know about AoC, as I Haven’t played it.
R.E. Howard, bounced a lot of ideas off H.P. Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith… and there’s various references to Conan’s era in their works. including a story about the ring of sorcery Thoth Amon wore showing up in the 1940’s.

The movies deviate from the books. especially on his origins/beginnings (don’t they always)

Conan is older than the Hobbit.

I am VERY familiar with the RE Howard works, the Lovecraft connection and even the movies and vaguely acquainted with the work of other authors of Conan works. My question pertains specifically to the Conan Exiles in-game lore and any official pronouncements the devs have made regarding the topics in my OP.

Ah sorry I miss read thought you were looking for lore on the people in general lol. fitting it into he old maps is interesting to do… the challenge is that it seems to incorporate the areas and climates of the far north and the far south…

To get back on track. for the purpose of in-game lore. I would say that there was probably an indigenous culture or race (dependent on where you place it in the Conan Geography) other cultures/nations probably sent their worse Criminals there as the go to penal colony. or it was a large and diverse group of slaves from Stygia to begin with. Cultural/language barriers, and general paranoia probably split the factions from the start, or they were sent in as racially defined groups as to foster distrust, so they would not rise up together… it could be a mix of several things.

I don’t think there’s much in the way of any outer lore as the land itself seems to be a microcosm that exists outside of the canon. In this you have to be creative…

Why are there no children in the Exiled Lands? I suspect the answer is: “Because there are absolutely players who will slaughter children if they’re there, and almost nothing gets your game banned faster than the option to bisect a toddler.”

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So sadistic… Why bisect when you can brainwash and enthrall… An un-killable wheel of pain pusher may be more pleasant?

For the sake of posterity. Bracelets are just a means for keeping you the player within the confines of the area with a plausible excuse as to why you can’t venture further.

@Alexandria Its perfectly plausible that not every one in the lands has a bracelet. and that there are bandit groups who come in and seek an opportunity for temporary shelter, and gain (trading outside goods to local groups for info, routes, protection… etc.) .

in order for kids to have bracelets and be born into the land with a bracelet. there would have be a law sating that all children must be brought forth to (insert location) Where they would be raised for some unknown purpose… (having kids corralled and sent off would explain why they aren’t seen).

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