How many people that play Conan Exiles *ACTUALY* know the Conan world. "The movies!?" "The writings!?". And the many stories that surround Conan The Barbarian !:)!

I honestly havent got a single bit of knowledge from the conan world… yet I am obviously very aware there is a story, and A big one Behind conan the barbarian, I’m still not aware how big though.

Is all we see on conan exiles part of that ? I think ile have to start reading :).

Who knows their conan knowlege? And who shares my temporary ignorance of his world:)?


Many of the members of the forum are well versed in Conan lore. In fact there’s always lively discussion around whether a new dlc is within the proper lore whenever one’s released.

The Exiled lands is definitely not in the Conan lore. You can find multiple discussions on the forum as to how it fits in. The races are correct as are the descriptions of the gods.

I would recommend getting Robert E Howard’s writings; they’re really good. Then maybe Jordan. In terms of movies, Arnie will always be Conan, but I think Momoa’s storyline felt more inline with something Howrd would have written.

That’s my two cents. I’m sure lots of people will chime in.


The game is even better with a healthy knowledge of the lore and backstory.


See already I know something new !, I myself am a big fantasy and adventure enthusiast, but i have a perticular love for a read with an element of magic in it.

And I had been wondering intensely if that element could be found in the books, though the fact that the game has matching characteristics peaks my interests on its own:).

I was always curious as to things like star metal and with fire. The curse wall, obviously being magical they caught my interests.

See when you say the races and such it takes my mind strait to the race descriptions during character selection, shall.i assume those are descriptions of races that are indeed in the books?


I know a good bit about Crom, but not a tremendous amount outside of that specialised area Im affraid Persius. I know that Kendaric is pretty good with Conan lore and stories, you could always summon him here if you have questions.

I am a newbie to both the game and Conan lore, but I’m looking forward to learning about both. I subscribed to a couple Conan comic series at my local comic shop. There are a ton of comics out there, this seems like a good place to start if you just want to dip your toes in.

And I see that Audible has an audio book combining pretty much all of the original author’s works (Robert E. Howard) into one 35 hour audio book, I think I’ll get it once I finish my book backlog.


I honestly dont know anything about crom:o exept thatbthat sword impossible to swing without the admin panel!! Witch says alot for croms power hehe.

But he doesnt accept prayers:( it would make another awesome God religion skill.

I heard people say that crom is the God conan shows faith to!!

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Ahh thank the world for audiobooks Haha:) ile definitely be taking that option, for comics I honestly dont have a single comic store close to me. Not that I know of anyway! I expect could some online though,

Knowing all the history even opens up knowledge of what inspired the exiled lands, an with the various DLC packs hopefully we get more from the story in the game.

To be honest all I know of Conan Universe comes from the 1982 movie “Conan the Barbarian” with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

And of course what you can learn by the in-game lore.

The Complete Chronicles of Conan by Robert E. Howard can be bought as an e-book from Google Play for a few dollars. It’s money well spent. I reference it a lot while discussing lore on these forums.

Funnily, most of the story in Arnold’s Conan the Barbarian movie is based on Howard’s writings - just not his Conan books. Much of the story and its elements are based on King Kull. Momoa’s movie was arguably closer to Howard’s Conan - but Momoa himself looks too pretty to be a Cimmerian. (Arnold didn’t even have the right hair or eye color, but he’s still Conan to me.)

With Conan, Robert E. Howard created and destroyed a whole genre of barbarian fantasy - destroyed it, because no later attempt has been able to match the original.


I read them when I was a kid. My Dad was a huge fan of the movie but more importantly the books.

We had everything Conan. Comics and all of the books and short stories.

He would have loved the visuals in the game. It really would have tranaported him to the world.

As for the lore. I am pretty solid with it. In fact FC is doing a good job creating the ambiance of Howards work.

The exiled lands however are a mish mash of concepts and lore. And a good one at that.

The religion trainers are all interesting in their stories especially the Frost Giant of Ymir.

I think the bracelette is just a coma or put us in a dream state. Or we could be getting munched on by a carnivourous flower which slowly drains our minds and keeps us in a state of torpor. (That is some lore for you)

Its like the movie Total Recall. Which also stared Arnold. Lol


I’m pretty knowledgeable of it. Thoroughly enjoyed Howard’s books.

Its a mixed bag for me. Seen the films when I was 3 to 5, lol (that is pretty much where it all began, and for me my biggest frame of reference in how my aesthetic for Conan should be, whether it is 100% correct or wrong, the films are my main anchor growing up).

Then the Comics. Lots of them. I recall so little from them though growing up, just, images and stories here and there. Sometimes character references come to mind.

Very little from the books, some references here and there.

A lot of art based on the lore, which is just images really, but again, adds to the visual feel of what Conan should be for me.

Then there was Age of Conan, played the crap out of that and had collectors edition detailing a lot of things as maps, races, and other details that made it more consistent at last for me with everything else I knew so far.

Then a few more comics I got my hands on after so many years (none of the new ones, I found the few remaining from the classics I had).

Oh, some other side characters too which I thought were from Conan but they are actually more from the whole Hyborean time period of Howard.

And lastly, a fair bit of wiki here and there.

So, yeah, mixed bag :smiley:

To add, the aesthetic of the games (AoC and CE, I feel like the second is a better version of the first and finally what a Conan game should have been like) falls very close to the comics I grew up on too. Among a few other things. Idk, the world just feels like Conan to me. And the lore as well, it has that feel. Even if I dont know every reference (despite it being explained in wiki as well which book/etc it was drawn from. Great work I say)

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Big fan…
Lover and owner of most conan comic books. The story is great and the black and white drawings were above standard for the era comic books.
Also seen all movies…
And game gets more intrigue when u know details (like lets say tower of the elephant achievement)… or the royal armour (which is the armour u see on comics that Conan wears after he was king of aquilonia…


I have a friend that plays that is EXTREMELY well versed in Conan lore and he constantly applauds FC on the job they did matching Howard’s vision.


As they should. They did a fantastic job with the IP

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Watched the Arnie movie when younger is about it, always meant to read the books but at the time i had picked up Dragonlance for first time an well got sucked into there


good world to get sucked into as well IMHO

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See after just a bit of research and all these replies I’m just even more interested. The Arnie movie definitely has lots that fit with the exiled lands!

The Necromancer and the age its based it. The hyborian age, and the wheel of pain conan is forced to push!!..

To such matches to the game from just a few searches is great :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder about the depth of this necromancer, and also if exiles has conans enemies and companions walking its lands!!

Those names suit the game Haha

I roll back to the comment about elements of the movie being more apparent in the game than the books? But from experience I know that there is no movie that can give you the imaginative detail and descriptive story that a book can :stuck_out_tongue: