Question of the Week: What character from the Conan universe would you most want to see in game?

The Conan universe is an expansive, action filled, and barbaric (you might say) world that draws inspiration from Robert E. Howard’s books, comic books, movies, video games, and more. With plenty of characters from human to not, there are some who haven’t made an appearance in Conan Exiles. From wizards like Thugra Khotan to demons like Thaug it’d be interesting to get a chance to battle it out with swords or befriend and tag along with in an adventure.

So who would you like to see?


This guy right here. Sure, it probably wouldn’t be easy to satisfactorily represent a toad-faced shapeless mind-mangling shadow-monster, but dangit, it was my favorite Conan adversary.


I don’t know if Razma is replacing Red Sonya , still i would like to see in the new map dlc a camp with Red followers . Plus i would like to be able to club her and make her my follower . Ofcurse she has to be equal to snow hunter on vitality and to Spinas on dmg .


I d love to see Juma the son of Kush!!! Legendary friend that 99% was always come across Conan at really hard times or in the middle of battles!!!
So yeah!! Haircut and race is in game, so give us Juma, giving us a quest to fullfill and let us earn his outfit or his legendary shield!!!


If we were to get an NPC from the stories on the new map, I’d probably want to go with Valeria (the Howard version, not the movie version) rather than Red Sonja. First because if those leaked names do refer to the map then it looks to be on an island and Valeria was a pirate with the Red Brotherhood, and because second, I think another company owns the rights to Sonja so adding her would be a lot trickier.

…Though if it were a pirate lady I’d really rather have Bêlit, but I’m pretty sure she’s long dead by the time this game takes place.

Also unrelated but Marvel’s Bêlit comic was really disappointing and I didn’t like it very much.


Can’t really think of anyone from the stories that wouldn’t be horribly out of place.

Now - when it comes to Age of Conan people… Captain Royo from Tortage was always one of my favorite people to talk to.


Same here, the first chapter was kind of lame to be honest, felt more like a disney story than anything related to conan or robert e howard.

I would like to see kalanthes as the only one able to help you to get rid of thoth amon magic.

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“Hey, we’re writing a comic about a crazy awesome unhinged pirate queen who commands fanatical loyalty in her crew through sheer force of personality, how should we go about it?”

“Ehh, just make her a bratty kid who inherited her daddy’s boat and got her crew by accident.”


In order :smiley: Thoth-Amon, Xaltotun, Bêlit, Valeria, Epemitreus (I could go on…)

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For those looking for a more faithful Belit comic book, Ablaze put out The Cimmerian, Queen of the Black Coast. They adapted it straight from a REH story, text and everything so there’s no “re-imagining” going on.


Valeria (R. Howard version) please!


I know the Dark Horse comics can be a bit divisive, but personally I rather liked what they did with Bêlit as well. Sure, I can understand why Howard purists would take issue with how much liberty they took with her and Conan’s relationship (and some of the things they got up to were pretty dumb), but at least for me it made a lot of sense from a storytelling standpoint to give us as readers more time with them together so when she does die it carries more weight.

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Me too - if by “more Conan” you mean “just the one Conan we have, only bigger” because the guy in the Sepermeru bar is kinda short.

Except for this obvious answer, my choices would be narrowed by the following:

  • must be from Howard’s original stories
  • must make sense in the Exiled Lands (or the new map)

From this perspective:

  • Thoth-Amon could make an appearance. He is already written into the main plot line. Perhaps not physically, but via a telecommunication device (e.g. crystal ball).
  • The master thief Shevatas could also come looking for treasures. He was one for fame and glory, and considering how he was famous among thieves when he made his one and only brief appearance in Black Colossus, he must’ve done something worth mentioning earlier during his career. As Black Colossus would appear to happen chronologically later than Conan Exiles, Shevatas could be alive and combing the Unnamed City for valuables.

The Darfari are already filling the slot for “primitive save people” trope. Not sure why they were chosen rather than the more prominently featured Picts, though. Geographical location maybe - Picts live in a densely wooded region, whereas Funcom felt they needed to have these savages around the desert biome (and back when they made that choice they probably weren’t sure when, or if, the jungle biome would be added to the game).

Maybe on the New Map™ Soon™?

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Good point, actually. Jhebbal Sag is a Pictish god. Or rather, the Picts were the only ones who kept worshiping him after the rest of the world stopped talking to animals and went all civilized and started wearing trousers and all that nonsense.

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Yasmina. Need some more babes to bring in more of the conan vibe…

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Yasmela of Khoraja
Yag Kosha

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I’d like to see Marique in the game. She is an amazing person. She is also a good Person for the magic system you want to insert.


Yes, she is dead, but this is in a fantasy world not realy a problem. :slight_smile:

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Not part of universe…
But James Earl Jones voicing anyone would be epic. =3

Or… I havnt read every short story, my library only has the 1 volume, and the collection to be release OCT 2019, (full short story version) didnt happen… (they wanted 75$…)

I’d say Malek, from 2nd movie. His 1 liners and amusing tone, would be a welcome sight in Senpimuru

I don’t know many of wizards names from books. Akiro would also be neat (or any other friendly wizard) Place tower on edge of Map, we climb it…kill some stuff, and free said wizard. (noce homage to book, were Conan frees “???” Name I forget, before summoning winged beast for him.

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