Conan Exiles Storyline (spoilers?)

I am playing through the game reading all of the lore on all of the items and generally just digging through everything I can find about Conan and Exiles story in general, I’ve already thought of where my character will be post-game but…

I’m interested in hearing more about Razma of Shem and where Conan is going to go from here (heck I’d like to go with them to help Razma take back her home in a bloody massacre of her enemies with the army I’ve built as a way of paying back Conan for saving my life while helping someone who dealt with a similar fate correct hers)

I know this is a survival game and that what I’m playing isn’t really meant to have that but I’m thinking basically they could add things in to the game over time that amount to if you /want/ story here you go like a linear story arc that you can either go through or not depending on what you want out of the game.

I’ve loved building, I’ve loved fighting, I love how much fun I’m having with what is available so far and I am looking forward to all the future additions to the game, and how if you look there is a lot of information to find if you look for it

Things like Razmas journals, talking to Conan again, meeting the very few non hostile npcs in the game who are actually willing to talk and some of whom have dialogue that makes it sound like they were setting up to give you a quest (Seriously, I was waiting for a quest entry with that conversation with both Conan about Razma and The Child of Jhebbal Sag)

Truthfully I’d love a comic or game about Razma just off the information given in her journals, her background, what she went through in game and her plans for the future.

So basically that’s it, I’m suggesting (translation: asking very nicely because it could be amazing and I love all this lore) storylines for those who go looking for them and possibly an expansion pack for leaving the desert with Razma and Conan post-game to go deal with that mess (and whoever stuck you on your own corpse tree for that matter)

Honestly… XD i can’t see my character staying away from the exiled lands after building such a huge empire for herself except for a trip to go repay her debt for not being left to die but it would be epic.

mildly disappointed that this topic didn’t go anywhere

Adding in that it would be nice for a couple more small settlements that aren’t going to immediately try to murder you horribly to come along (so far I’ve just concluded that the purge addles the brains of everything in the exiled lands and makes most everyone homicidally unwilling to do anything but try to murder/kill/eat you)