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I’m just wondering if they are going to add more story elements to the game, there are hints of it all over the place but there isn’t a real ending and you have to go digging for things: they tease the reason you can’t use sorcery yet in the game and a solution to it, which I hope is built on when that is finally released.

They tease who the main villain is going to be and what he is responsible for throughout the game with the priest of set and at the archives.

They tease what will happen with Razma and other things…

I’m all for game play mechanics, the combat and building and character creation and customization options as well as the epic music this game does have can keep me playing for a long long time because I love being creative but what really /hooks/ me on a game is lore, world building.

Like I’d love it if when you reach a new area and the area name pops up you get a codex entry with some tiny bit of information about the place, or when you find a journal entry or note etc it unlocks a record of it so you can browse through the things you’ve found, I’d love it if when you go through the almost optional storyline it has a more concrete ending or at the very least an idea of what happens next.

I already admittedly have a head-canon for what Serpent Queen Amavari, ruler of the Exiled Lands and leader of The Forsaken Legion is going to do after the “ending”

The buildup is there, where the story /could/ go is there, I’m seriously hoping that they don’t neglect finishing it.

Hopefully in a future interview this is covered, if it isn’t responded to here. I’ve been curious about if it’s in the plans for later


Yeah, I like that the game doesn’t lead you by the nose on quests like so many others, but it could do a little more on that front, as well as the lore front.


I would truthfully be happy if it was just optionally there to be found if you want it. that and there could be a real ending where you leave with Conan and your /other/ companion if you choose to leave instead of alone. I doubt that I’ll be playing through the ending again admittedly, unless they make it better.

it’s fairly obvious that you aren’t really supposed to ever leave the exiled lands because why would you want to? (Except in my head canon where I take my army and crush people who wronged me and my new friends)

I loved going around tracking Razmas journals, and the bits of dialogue from the priest of Set you find, and the archivist. I am still hoping that he will be something of a quest giver when it comes to unlocking sorcery since that’s essentially exactly what his conversation teases at along with wanting to team up to take down the guy that dropped you in the exiled lands

Another thing that would be nice is if after certain milestones and accomplishments characters dialoge changes to reflect that “oh, you did this already.”

Conan for example could have updated dialoge after you get a certain mask from a certain person…

The archivist could have new dialoge
The elemental controlled by the scourge stone

The list goes on…

The point is it feels like a missed opportunity to just leave it as is, seemingly unfinished, when they could build on what’s there… I get that their major focus is on pvp and bugs and building things but… the lore is another part of the game, the story is a part of the game, and something that some players are passionate about, it shouldn’t be neglected when so much possibility exists.


I remember seeing on a thread that they were planning on putting more story in, specifically they said the ending would be better. I hope they do!

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I hope that is the case honestly, it would be nice to see everything a bit more fleshed out, it’s easy enough for me to fill in the blanks but this particular world has /alot/ of blanks to fill… and the resource requirements are too high

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