More dungeons, NPCs, lore, quests and city life please!

After the excelent launch, I hope the devs focuse on the expansion of the RPG aspect of the game.

While I’m enjoy the game more than any other in recent years, this only make my wish list for it even longer.

  • Dungeons: No doubt the first thing on this list is need for more, longer dungeons: The actual dungeons are fun, but I wish they would expand on some of the caves and locations that are allready in place, you know the ones with a close door and no reward at the end. The map of this game have the potetial to be as full of lengthy dungeons and caves like Skyrim or Oblivion, giving the explorer gamers something to do when they are tired of constructing and invading camps. GO FOR IT TEAM!

  • NPCs: There are a few friendly NPCs in the game, so far I like them all, they are all interesting and thought provoking, but we need more of them. walking traders around the exile lands, friendly NPCs outside dungeons that you can hire. The options of making friends and fill your city by other means outside of slaving people. And not all should be friendly. Each enemy NPC camp should have some talking NPCs at the begining to warn you to leave if they spot you and at the end as a mini boss to talk to. This will give a bigger sense of epicness to the encounters.

  • Lore: The current lore is interesting but it’s just not enough, more books, and notes not about exile adventures but about the lore of Conan’s world would be welcomed. Remember the long, boring history books of elders scrolls? They are not boring for everyone. and having a collection of books was something great in those games.

  • Questing: This had been said a thousand times, so here it is again. A robust, varied and long quest system it’s what’s gonna make this game everlasting and to be remembered as the best survival game in the market (even if for some of us already is). This will give a complete buff to single player and co-op and it could be optional for PVE or PVP. This is a must for this game, the last step into greatness.

  • City life: The addition of Sepermeru was awesome. But we need more of this around the map in smaller scale (I live in the jungle to the east now, and the idea of having to go all the way west just to see some friendly NPC and buy some stuff with silver coins is horrible in itself). Please guys, make some smaller settlements along the way to trade and gather with other players. Make them different race based so we can have some pacefull experiences with every Hyborian races.

If somene else have other sugestions jump in the conversation.

Sorry for my bad english. Cheers from Mexico!



I agree wholeheartedly with all you said ,that and adding sorcery would render the game perfect

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Thanks, I’m new to the forum, and I don’t know how active the devs are in it. My last forum was Battlefront 2, the community was great but the devs… well, I bet you know the story. I hope someone is listening out there in the case of funcom.

Thanks again for the comment.

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Please if you can make some comments in this thread to keep it alive and see if it gets some attention. See you in the Exile lands.

No problem dude ,I hope you get through to the people in charge

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I like the basis of all your suggestions.

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I agree, and I think that an easy thing to implement would be random spawns for friendly NPCs, or maybe a real factions system. Right now, I don’t know if the different factions would be hostile to each other were they to meet, since the fixed spawn points make that very unlikely.

But it would be nice t have roaming NPC groups, maybe merchant caravans, and random faction encounters.

A true faction system, with quests and ranks would be awesome too.

Better merchants, maybe? The ones we have right now are a bit underwhelming and pricey, to say the least.

Most of all, I think the spawning system needs to be re-worked. those fixed spawn points are killing the immersion: after a while, you always know where to find the mobs and NPCs, so it’s easy to farm them/avoid them. Spawn points have become like nodes. Having randomized spawning throughout the map would make for an incredible game: more interesting and dangerous expeditions, factions fighting each other, et caetera. just think of Skyrim and Fallout 3.


Thanks man, lets see. They probably have their hands full with server and stability

Thanks! Feel free to add any ideas to the thread

These are good ideas, additionally I would make NPC random or preconstructed villages and cities, just like ones made by players, I havent experience the purge, but for what I’ve seen, they are mostly animal hordes and not bandits with avatars, catapults and others stuff. I think that the PVP aspect of the game cab be made with NPC for the PVE and PVE Conflict. Procedural NPC cities would give single/coop and PVE a real sense of epicness and would buff replayabilitie

Sorry for my bad English

I completely agree however I also think that the dungeons and caves could be more varied than just enemies and one boss at the end. Let there be traps, secret passages with treasursa and danger stuff like that. I don’t knos if you guys ever played dungeons and dragons online but that game had great dungeons with normal enemies, sub bosses, traps, secret rooms and ofcours bosses. If something like this could be added to the game it would be awesone.

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Well, I’ve never played d&d online, but I’ve played the pen and paper d&d for years now, and you are totally right. More complex dungeons would be awesome

I do agree about more content, but they seriously need to fix and flesh out the existing content before adding more.

Pretty much every dungeon so far are a buggy shallow mess which most boss encounter glitching out so badly they cannot be completed.

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This could work in single and coop, but I don’t see it in multiplayer

Well I havent had a glitch in a dungeon yet, but you are right about the shallow part (with the exception of the 4 biggest ones)

A small cave with the atlantean king skeleton would be a nice easter egg to the 1982 movie :smile:

Maybe, I think that it could be tricky to keep the balance on multiplayer, since tons of people playing since early access, with high level characters.

It’s a good idea but it would a lot of testing or be optional through server settings

Ok, I just made the Witch queen dungeon, even if the fight was really cool, the dungeon itself is just a room :frowning:

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