Updated Wishlist for post launch content

Now that funcom has confirmed that they are going to keep working in future updates financed by paid cosmetics DLCs. I’m Making a list of what I’d like to see in the game. Fell free to join in with your own whislist :smiley:

  • Upgrade of the current dungeons and caves: Gallaman’s Tomb, King Niche, Hanuman’s Grotto are just some of the dungeons and caves that feel half made. It would be great if the devs make a huge upgrade of ALL the existing dungeons and caves to make them more alive, complex and Dangerous. My personal standar would be The Elders Scrolls IV Oblivion’s caves… they were HUGE, with many path, levels, secrets rooms and entrances… while the ones in Skyrim were pretty straigth froward, the Caves in Oblivion could take hours to complete in most cases. This would no doubt compensate for the small number of dungens in comparison with other games.

  • Brand new dungeons and caves: Even with a complete overhaul of the current dungeons, I belive that the game need much more of them, having a map around the same size as Skirym’s it is criminal for the land to feel this empty. The number of dungeons, caves and interesting places should double or triple from the curresnt state.

  • Towers, temples and ruis can be Dungeos too: Please start building upwards too… I know that caves and underground mazes are the tipical option when making dungeons, but take advantage of the thing you already have in the game. The first time I played Conan Exiles I was very dissapointed when I reached the tower in the distant just to find out that it is just a glorified piece of map decoration instead of a… TOWER. The same for the palace like construction. This would be a huge improvement and a very different type of dungeon, give it a thought funcom!

  • Better dungeons rewards: Outsite of the Dregs, Black Keep and Well os Skelos, the caves usually have no reward what so ever outsite some resources. A huge crate with goodies (armors, weaponds, etc) would be well recived.

  • A quest menu: While the journal serves well as a game pointer and sort of tutorial, there’s no real quest system in the game. I’m not talking about nav or map pointer or something arcady, I’m talking about usefull infromation given by NPCs and their request and missions, which leads me to my next suggestion…

  • More and better NPCs: While there are a handfull of interesting NPCs with very intriguing things to say this needs to be better and more abundant. Sepermeru feels empty and the few NPCs you encounter feel more like monologue machines than actual NPCs. (Lipsync for then would also be nice)

  • At least one more Biome: I know Funcome said there won’t be any biome, but everytime I see the map I cannot help but seeing the huge empty patch at north east and wonder… Maibe nothing complicated asset-wise a group of islands and a huge water body above the jungle would do to me… which leads me to my next suggestion…

  • Boats and canoes :smiley:: I know a Taming and pet system is already in the work for Conan Exiles, but I would choose canoes over this every day of the week… I know the main argument agains this is that they would not be of use in the entirety of the map… but why can we have both then? :stuck_out_tongue:

  • More lore: Books, notes and spectral aparitions are great! but I feel this game needs to take a bigger advantage from the source material. More books, more info, more quest based legends please!

  • Do something with nudity: With the time and effort that was put into the crafting of genitalia for the characters, it is just weird that you cant do anything with it… GO FULL WITCHER III! With sexual encounters with npcs, that can be activated or deactivated just like the nudity parameter. In this particular game there’s no reason to depend on modders for this kind of content.

  • More varied wild life: With the new creature spawning positions (which is very different from Early Access) the world feels empty, get more creatures into the mix to make the world as dangerous as it was before.

  • Better target Locking and overall combat system: The Target lock is all over the place, no easy way of choosing the target and give priority to your clan members and budies over NPC creatures and enemies. Also, more combinations would be nice, using crouch and jump buttom with light and heavy attack with give more depth to the combat system.

  • Better information: You can’t see weaponds and armor stats before making them… this is beyond frustrating, since you have no way of comparing your current outfit with the next tier of armor you want to unlock or craft.

  • More interesting companions: While I know it would be impossible to give a personallity and personal Story to every single Thrall you capture, I think that the named Thralls are a bit of a wasted oportunity. Give this guys a life story, something to relate to and talk about while you pass the night when taking them on adventures (also the follow system it’s completly broken… Thralls tent to disappear or get trap inside mountains when teleposrting to you). Also give NPCs the ability to swim, climb and jump just like you.

This is all I can think of for now. If you have some suggestion of your own, feel free to jump into the conversation. Let’s see if funcom pick some of these for future updates.

Cheers, and sorry for my bad english…



I like the open game plan. No quests. No having to follow someone else’s path.

A raft made of wood and fiber so I can get the thrall across the water without losing him.

Maybe provide a naming option for a set of thralls, so the player can name the thrall.
Funcom could add random statements to the special thralls. They could provide hints of where things might be, “I saw a field of ore being guarded by rocknose,” and toss in some fun off-the-cuff stuff, “I don’t see a pet, did you eat it?”

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You can always build a set of sand stone foundations across the water. On the server on which I play, my group and others hsve made multiple bridges in this manner. A raft would be nice for random encounters, but if you really want to farm thrall, mske bridges!

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Like all of your ideas, Specialy the thralls statements

Still I would like a quest menu :stuck_out_tongue:

Not so much for thralls, more for role playing kind of vibe

While I second all suggested in the list, this one caught my attention the most. I have to open feat tab to check the armor/weapon stats.


My own wishlist :

  • I want CONAN THE BARBARIAN HIMSELF in the game.
  • More real life ANIMALS, it doesn’t have to be wild, like the bunnies/deers at starting area.
  • Random sizes in animals/monsters.
  • Since the game will have pet and taming system, add different breed of dogs too depending on the biome, husky in cold biome and whatever dog breed lives in respective biomes.
  • I hope the pet/taming system would also make it rideable. And big animals can carry stuffs for us using mounted caravan/cart, or directly on its back/sides for bigger ones using some kind of storage structure on its back. Or small pouch just for storing small stuffs like meat/skins/heads
  • STONE and WOOD and MATERIALS from mining have UNLIMITED STORAGE. The storage can be in the form of a pile of the materials but in kinda huge size

so stone storage would be like this but with indicator whether it’s empty/plenty or just a few.

wood storage would be like this but with indicator whether it’s empty/plenty or just a few.

The horizontal elevator works for this too

Conan is in the game. Go to Sepermeru and search for a tavern, he is standing there.

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Thank you, Foxdie. I agree with your list.

I’ll add:

  1. Dungeons
    a. Bosses:
    Better boss mechanics. Now, bosses are kind of boring and very easy to beat. I’d like harder bosses and more difficult, so you can really enjoy winning a fight.
    More bosses in every dungeon. I’d like more than one boss per dungeon. I think that one big dungeon that has just one boss is a waste of space.
    Better loot and random loot. The developer should incentive player to visit your dungeons more than one or two times. Maybe if the bosses have some low rate drops (materials, armor, weapons), for example, this could drive players to run the dungeons more. You can also put seasonal bosses or one or two special bosses once a month.
    b. Trash mobs
    Most instanced dungeons feel kind of empty and/or unispired. Dev should put more interesting trash mobs that drop some good items or materials.

  2. Brand new dungeons and caves
    Sure, if they plan to keep this game alive, they should put more dungeons and caves. Mabye, an interesting dungeon mechanic could be to have a rare spawning dungeon (a mountain, castle, etc) that spawns two or three days a month in some place in the map. That’d be great, because the dev would incentive exploration, for example.

  3. A quest menu - Player group
    More than a journal or quest menu, I’d rather like that you could group with your friends and know where they are in the map.

  4. More and better NPCs
    Yeah, I’d love that. I think that it would be great that they put wandering NPCs. Because now all the NPCs are static. But imagine that you could find wandering special NPCs in every biome. Or traversing the map randomly. Maybe that wandering NPC could be in some bandit camp, in some city, in the wilderness, etc. That’d be great.

  5. At least one more biome
    I’d like to see this game get bigger. I wouldn’t mind to pay for a full dlc biome after they clean of bugs their first biomes.

  6. Random special materials
    I like the idea behind the star metal dropping from the sky. Nontheless, I’d like that those rare materials could drop in any biome and in a random way, so players cannot know where they drop every time and build a base near that resource.

  7. More varied wildlife
    I’d like, more than more variations, more versatility in combat. What I mean is that there are like 3 or 4 wildlife combat mechanics, and it feels plain. I mean, every creature should have its own combat mechanics so salamanders shouldn’t feel like crocs reskined or dodos like ostriches with pink feathers. Or spiders that can’t get down a little rock ledge. Come on.

  8. Better information
    Yes, please. Information is too bad in this game.

  9. PVP - Player
    Oh, god, where do I start.
    a. Combat mechanics
    PVP should feel like a balance between playstyle, gear and attributes. In its actual state, CE’s PvP feels like a poor balanced boxing match. Almost every time the player that has a better heavy armor and vitality wins the match, which leads me to:
    b. Dodge
    Please, we need better dodge mechanics. The heavy dodge is absurd. You roll and you get very far away from the other player. We, light armor users, need a short dodge for better PvP. If your toon uses light armor, it’s almost guaranteed that you’re screwed against a heavy armor player. So, we all should have very long roll, long roll and sidestep.
    c. Dodge stamina
    Come on, I’ve noticed that eventhough I have a very good stamina pool and I use light armor, I can dodge the same ammount of times than a heavy armor player. Dodging should be very different depending on armor and stamina.

  10. PvP - Buildings
    a. Well, I think it’s unfair to be able to know who’s online and who isn’t, because you can target a base more easily with this godly knowledge.
    b. The event log. You can know who attacked your base. That’s kind of a shame, because if you want to go ninja, you just can’t. If you attack a big clan’s base, they’ll find out in the event log, and your little base can go to hell the next day. I mean, it’s nice to know, but do we really want to?
    c. Attack warning. I think we need an attack warning if someone’s attacking our base, because the defense thralls are kind of useless. They end up being just practice dummies.
    d. Please, stop the clipping bug. It’s insane that you can steal something through a wall if a thing has a little clipping. Or be a better player and don’t steal from clipping errors. That’s just lame.

Above all, PLEASE, PLEASE, squash all the bugs that plague this game. This could be a great game if not for the bugs.

I’ll add more points to my wishlist later.


Evidently, one can climb through a window and sit down in a chair as well. This doesn’t get a thief a free in, however, if one stands up off the chair, they are tossed back out the window.

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Good list. I would add that funcom should implement more wierd events like the frozen river trap (you know what I mean :P) this kind of surprises is where the game shines.

Haha. Frozen river trap. I know where your body is. I’ll show you.

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How about do more with female detail like the male he looks like he has fan on him all the time boobs turn to stone maybe a potion for the female hair no hair option will there be more charter customization how about goddess armor like the upgraded altar Statue with the horn helmet

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You are kidding right?


I think the game could use tons of more hair variations for the character customization, for both male and female. (agreed about the stone boobs)

I’m certainly not, my friend.

Thralls are so under used. They could do so much more.

  1. Mining thralls.
    Place them in an area, they mine in a set radius and harvest depending on the type and quality of tools you give them. Of course these aren’t fighters so you had better deploy some archers and fighters to guard them. Could even give them some containers to fill nearby.

  2. Entertainers.
    We have the dancers, why not some musicians? A bongo/drum player, lute, etc.
    If you spend 5 minutes or so in front of a complete set before battle you could get a buff to your attributes.
    Could even have a craftable stage area.

  3. NPC raiding.
    Would be nice to have your defences tested on occasion by any camps you have built near. I wouldn’t mind Thugra’s or N’batu’s tribes coming down to raid my base and test out my thralls?
    Might sort out a few that build at the front gates of New Asgarth too.

  4. Bearers.
    Ones that there is a point to having.
    Currently, I go grab one when my current backpack is almost destroyed, then put them out front of my building as a decoy for the other thralls.

Other things.
Placable food and drink. When you have some friends over for a feast in front of your newly crafted entertainers stage. Could even have some random drunken animations for those that have had a bit too much.

Free placement button and merge able building for that gap in between two seperatly placed structures that you just can’t fill.

I have more but that’ll do for now.


Dude, it would be awesome to have a band of entertainers!


They just seem so lonely up there dancing with no accompanying music.


Music would be better than hearing the dancers feet thumping. I cannot get a good nights rest as they never stop dancing.

Yes, the dishes on my table are always empty.

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