@Funcom, please add new content and communicate on future extensions!

Hi Funcom,

CE is the best game I have played lately and it is certainly the best survival game currently.
I think CE could last for years if content was added regulary.
But today, I find that the shelf-life of the game is too short, especially in PVE. The progression to level 60 is, perhaps, a bit too fast and the game is short of content once the max level is reached (not enough dungeons or events).

I know that the developers are mobilized to fix the game but it seems that this is done to the detriment of the content and evolution of the game. Maybe Funcom could communicate on the future of the game and future extensions? new dungeons, new biome, sorcery, mounts, new DLC,…?

I also think that you have to add content to current elements of the game:

  • the dungeons are too easy and too short (to the excpetion of Jhebbal Sag). Why not add new rooms to current dungeons and add “mini bosses” and treasures ?
  • some elements of the game were a source of frustration for me, no secret door to open at the end of the tomb of Gallaman, no dungeon behind the magical portal of the Bat’s Tower, no secret dungeon at Klael’s stronghold,
  • not enough armor and weapons, especially at intermediate level,
  • The game also lacks placeables to diversify its contructions,
  • new workstation could be added, jewelry making (magic?), weaving, miller and bakery oven (use the forge for bread is not very funny), livestock farming (chickens, sheeps),
  • have weapons and bronze tools before having iron tools and iron weapons (there might be copper spots in the starting area of ​​the game and tin in the caves),
  • allow players to capture merchants,
  • add quest that allow to find equipment or new recipes,
  • add the ability to create a chat channel for a group of players (even if they are not from the same clan, useful in a dungeon).

Sorry if my topic is long. I hope it will be read.


Support! You summed up some of the most important points that currently need attention.

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THere are 4 more dungeons in the works. But they take time. There was also a delay as resources were diverted to fixing some major server issues that got progressively worse. And to clutter the fact, after they fixed thes “new” issues, that fix as to be crossed over to what they had developed on any new dungeons to insure the fix won’t negatively affect that.

but i do agree, the game needs more environment interaction. And from what i read, the new patch will up the difficulty for NPC and beast fights for even level 60’s. Hope that is true.

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Which then shows the progression.
Dregs was first. It came with neat ideas, which never got used again.
After this was black keep, which originally had traps inside which very well could kill the player. To the extent of onehitting them. This got deleted after a while though…
As for witch queen, it’s a neat idea but it was really, really short.
And jhebbal sag has been a little confusing at first, when flying through it. But it’s fun with good difficulty for solo+thrall/duo.

Seeing how this area has recently been reworked, I think this will become a new dungeon or some spot for…something. Maybe linked with sorcery? Idk.

Hm?.. Dont you enjoy a lil brimstone in your bread? :woman_shrugging:

This would be awesome!

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I have no doubt in my mind, if funcom put sorcery into the game and somehow manages to get mounts in + make weapons visually displayed on character Conan Exiles will be by far the most popular/best survival game to date… The potential is unreal

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Never heard of a brick oven? Sure it’s not quite a Forge… but you could easily make a Forge out of one, or arguably make one out of a Forge. Advisable? No. but you’re an exile working with what they’ve got.

Ok, I was lured here because something I quoted has been quoted from my answer.
Yeah, but still. Traces of brimstone in my bread… or else nonfood stuff… nah… thank you.

Sorry >.< I had intended for it to quote the other person and thought it had xD, But I suppose your post overrode it <.< That’s what I get for being lazy. But seriously, what is wrong with you? Brimdough (Sourdough) bread is delicious >.> totally.

I would possibly like more interaction with merchants…like maybe being able to sell some of my junk…

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I never baked bread before so I am not certain but…the recipes I am looking up right now tell me nothing about actual brimstone being part of it… But seriously…having these different things… Also steelfire is inside furnaces too…not to mention consoliant… Anyway. Nothing I want in my food! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was totally being facetious xD. There’s no brimstone in bread. Though I do imagine it’d impart a sour flavor… improvise!

also think of the iron value! And mmmmmm TAR.

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At the moment I think FC priorities are more on fixing errant bugs and stuff, but also that there is new content on the way. My suggested solution: go private server and load up quality, regularly-updated mods - or just PIPPI and play with the Thespians and dialogue options. Go have a look at the various examples in Streaming sites and you will be stunned - in a good way of course, not the pre-wheel of pain version.

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Hey there,

We stated our current priorities and scheduling in this handy thread :slight_smile:

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it would be a good evolution and player would be able to bluid cities with interactions with other players. it would be a very easy to add feature but a great impact on comunauty, it would be more usefull and interesting to visit cities of other clan


Extensive information about these may be found on the Upcoming features wiki page.

Developing a video game is not easy - imgur album (search google) :man_shrugging:

You might want to join the discord and tune into this weeks’ stream to ask and hear and read and talk. You may find it pinned on the General Discussions subforums or in the wiki’s left sidebar.

Anything currently ingame is just about finished. (See the 1st point)

There’s plenty of easter eggs. I warn you, the wiki is a massive spoiler, but you should be aware of it already.

lots of DLC armor and weapons… :sweat_smile:
Then there’s thralls, avatars and pets!

I could agree.

The latter I’d say is pets. (See https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Pet )
Everything else sounds inventive, but does have to fit in the world of Conan, just fyi.

Imo, I don’t think barbarians ever went to mine copper. If they mined something they’d cut straight to the real deal.

Sure… This has been said in other replies, but I highly recommend trying out PIPPI’s Thespians.

…if they “allow” it it comes down to just saying: Look left, exile! This stone is in front of your face and gives great fortune (yay) - and then there’s the ghosts

Check out the VoIP tab on the page I linked in the very first point. If you’re not an RPer, that’s still something you could try once it’s here.

All with all, you feel interested in the future with the game, but I would recommend joining us on discord to get yourself informed somewhat more directly.

Re: chat channel for dungeons … is the local chat channel useful for this ??.. it’s not global to the whole server, nor is it limited to clans but visible to those in your close vicinity…

Hello, I am quite perplexed, and even disappointed by the last Devstream : no information on the next DLC, no mounts, no new biomes, witchcraft that may never be integrated. no information on new cities or new types of servants. The addition of new armor seems quite limited (appearances? For what levels?). what about for new placeable ? CE seemed to have huge potential but now I do not see what would motivate old players to come back ? no new biome, really ??

Of course, I’m glad to hear that there will be new bosses, and that the unnamed city will be a more dangerous place. but will that be enough for the future of the game?
On the other hand, why not allow players to sell / exchange items through merchants (and why not an inter-server sales system?)

as wel as mounts there is engine limitations, also it need to work on consoles as well, wich is problem

and it be better update game to newer engine later if they update game each time engine updates, they will have no time for doing anything else i guess that if they update engine in end of this year it could solve several problems

famous raining…
possibility of new biomes…
theoreticly mounts

most of changes of devstream looks nice to me, also take in mind that cus lack of employes evrything take longer, do u know how hard is nowadays find programers, graphics. its reason why it looks like moders do more work on game than devs, cus devs dont have time/manpower to cover all aspeccts of game

I know that developing and programming takes a lot of time. I’m wondering about the long term of the game. I’ll just hope that Conan Exiles would be a game that could last a long time (several years) with updates allowing the evolution of the game (for example newbioms every two or three years). Likewise, sorcellery is an important part of Conan’s universe (although it is not necessarily spectacular but more subtle) and yet it seems that the magic is definitely abandoned, it’s a shame. Again, there is no question of having everything right now but just to have more information from Funcom on the future of the game in two or three years. This game is great and that’s why I need to be reassured !! :grinning:

I think Funcom has a definite path for the next year for CE. They are not releasing too much, to avoid people taking that as promises. I have home brewed games for SNES (Tecmo III updated to 32 teams and new AI, new uniforms, new sprites), and my brother and I made the mistake of releasing a teaser video in early development when we figured out hwo to expand to the 2 teams that were not around in 1993 on the forum for Tecmo enthusiasts. Even though we were not getting paid (solely a passion project), the amount of messages, constant questions and suggestions on features/edits, we would get was over bearing and tunred us off of it for awhile. Now imagine a fan base that has paid for the game. And Funcom even hints at possible release windows for features. The fan base tends to decide they are promising these things. So slow and trickle out news on only what is firmly in development is the best approach imo.