A Compliment Among Complaints

I know FunCom is receiving a lot of complaints about the new map, and I was going to say something about the scarcity of resources in beginner areas (iron in particular), but really, when you start to explore the map, the resources are there, you just have to be brave, skilled, and in some cases lucky enough to get to them. I could handle a little more aloe on the beaches, as not having a healing option makes the start fairly difficult. But once you move a little inward on the island, even that resource is quite abundant.

So to the devs I say: Keep up the good work, and don’t let the trolls discourage you.


I’m loving the new map and exploring (about 25%) so far. And you are correct - once you get off the beach the resources become abundant - I now have more aloe than I can process.


Love the dlc. Explored a lot of the outer and inner island enjoyed leveling to 60. Now I have the pleasure of starting on the vaults.


I/m really happy with the game and glad I made the purchase. This DLC feels more like role playing than the original. It feels like a genuine challenge, perhaps the way CE original was intended.

It is also more difficult in that you must acquire everything you need. For instance, in CE original there are so many ways to obtain so much needed materials and gear without trying (cheese/exploit the system), e.g. All the loot chests of Sepermeru, the free Legendary weapons found at the Neebs Easter egg or the Black Galleon and the free flawless armor dropped off the many wanderers.

I know this is early access and there will be more changes to come. I suspect the current game-play will change and things may return to be more like the original. This early access may be the only time we get to experience this type of game-play.


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