Looking forward to Siptah, Bravo Funcom!

Once again Funcom, well done!

I’ve watched the dev stream, read through the announcement and the notes on the new testlive stuffs… I gotta say ‘thank you’ again. You guys catch enough flak around here, and while critique helps keep yall accountable, I love the product you’ve delivered. I’ve never put so many hours into a game (I’m now over 4000 since northern expansion in Early Access) and keep coming back. And now with Siptah, you are once again delivering something great to be appreciated.

So yea, just wanted to put out some positive vibes and say ‘thank you!’ Looking forward to the 15th!


Yeah, credit where credit’s due. I love what I’m seeing so far and I hope I’ll love playing it, too. I’m really excited both to explore the new map and to use the new content on the old map.

:metal: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :metal:


diddo - i’m super stoked about the new content on the old map. i mean, i’m most excited about the new map and content, but the fact that we’ll be able to go back to the exiled lands and have more stuffs to tool around with is a plus! i’m also happy to see them continue working on the mechanics. i’m not always gonna agree with/llike their changes, but i like seeing that they are working on trying to make the game better.


Super excited myself as well :slight_smile:


Likewise. Despite having grown to loathe terms like Early Access these days, after seeing just the trailer I felt a compulsion to buy it the moment it can be purchased. I haven’t felt that way about any new game or content in several years. I usually avoid buying games brand new for (justified) fear of disappointment, and wait for enough reviews to accumulate to give me a better idea if a product is good or bad.

Ever since I finished exploring the Exiled Lands I have hoped we’d one day get a new, complete world to explore that was built from scratch using the skills they’ve learned and honed since; now we have it, and it looks awesome. It’s pretty clear the developers put a lot of love into making the island unique, not just from the Exiled Lands but to give each area and dungeon in it its own personality.

And having watched the base game receive many nice improvements and patches since I first started playing, I’m confident remaining issues in the core game and anything Siptah launches with will be ironed out over time.

Dev team, I hope you feel very proud of your work! Gaming may be a huge thing now, but making a game feel bigger than the sum of its parts is another matter entirely.

And as for the staff here in the forum dealing with the influx of unreasonable complaints and blatantly rude posts (in before angry quoting: I’m not saying all criticisms or concerns are invalid, just that some of these people aren’t being at all constructive), just remember that there were thousands of people watching and typing !siptah into your live stream; they vastly outnumber the nay-Sayers here.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll crawl back into my hole in the Bug Reports forum – see you there!.. Just hopefully not on launch day. :smirk:


Really looking forward to the new map. I’m really hyped for the maelstorm and the surge.


Adding my own enthusiasm here


Oh I truly HATE Funcom for this new release! - I cannot play 24-7 ?!!! What are you trying to do to us gamers?

Suddenly we’re getting is what looks effectively as a fully new game. For private server and modded Servers, it seems that the genie’s box of wishes is being thrown open. Custom maps?! My brain hurts!

And the players on servers are already asking when they can use, will they get wiped, what maps, etc.

Oh well, resistance is futile. After near to 5k hours in game, what’s another few thousand.

PS: Thank you to the devs and art teams (and their taskmasters/mistresses) @Spynosaur_Nicole / @ignasis / Natascha


Bravo indeed!
I am very much looking forward to this update. Conan Exiles has given me hundreds of hours of enjoyment - and this update will just give me a few hundred more.
Really happy the building assets and armors will be enabled in the Exiled Lands as well - can’t wait to add those to my existing repertoire and building sites.


I got over 8 k hours on my server.

It’s good to see new content, I only hope siptah ends up linked to the old map in the future that is the only complaint I got with the so called “expansion.” . Or dlc or add-on.

As for the rest… It’s far too soon to know how good this content is. We should wait to see the quality of the experience and the reviews that will be out this week.

Been a fan for so long and having all the dlc. This will not be a different. So yes I am paying the 20 bucks tomorrow.

It’s too soon to draw conclusions of how good or bad this is, by simply watching the trailer…

I have other concerns regarding how game is being supported , in terms of fixing problems that can make the game unplayable. And how poorly testlive has been handled. But that is a entirely different matter that will not be discussed here.

And yes for those who believe my style is not good. Know this. I have always being intellectually honest, right or wrong I have always sided with the community interest in mind , I don’t follow concepts of being politically correct or incorrect. If I am angry I ll show it. Same if I am happy.

And as a closing comment. I do want the best for the game, problem is my concept of what is best for the game is not always aligned with others concept of what’s best 4 the game.



Die @Palm522, Die!

How dare someone have more hours than me! :rofl:

(bows at the feet of Supreme Dedication)

My suspicion/hope is that, though Funcom have stated (check Discord) that they will continue supporting and developing for both Exiles and Siptah, that they do bring the old/venerable Exiles platform up to whatever speed the new DLC/Explansion Siptah is at. Conan Exiles was built some years back and many new open-world game mechanics could not be incorporated easily?

Luckily, for better or worse, as an avid Conan books genre junkie, I am biased and will get the new content - and already have a server ready for it. It’s early-access anyway and therefore we can expect some issues. Just report any issues by the correct channels, try not to get too emotional about it, or start making irrational demands. Vote with your feet - if you dislike a film, you’re not forced to buy a ticket.

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Anyone knows what time everything will be released?
I’m sitting at home now and restarting steam every now and then because I’m afraid it doesn’t check for updates otherwise… getting nervous :scream:

I’m supposed to be sleeping right now… but tossing for the last 2 hours told me my subconscious is thinking about too much conan! I’ve narrowed it down to 4am Pacific time when it releases, based on other feedback I’ve received on the forum, as well as the fact that Steam says it’ll release in ‘approximately 3 hours’, which it updates that message on the hour. So in about 20 minutes it should say ‘approximately 2 hours’.

Good luck!

Я то же рад новой карте. Но увы не была проведена работа над внешним видом (доспехи, оружие)
Все выглядит уныло и однотипно. Добавляют катаны и все выглядят одинаково. Я не понимаю в чем прикол. Доспехи только шлемом отличаются. а есть доспехи которые не пригодны из за своего внешнего вида, при стрельбе из лука из за конского хвоста на шлеме не видно цель. Хотелось бы увидеть больше разнообразия в доспехах и оружии. Не в их количестве а в их исключительном различии. Вроде как и много видов, но по факту кардинально разных очень мало.

Well, there’s this too…

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Try to enjoy the ride guys, I can’t wait to hear all the comments. We’ve got a new DevKit update just a few minutes ago, so the devs are really working hard to make this release as smooth as possible.

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30 more minutes baby before download… Woot woot!

yup i associate to that, i played 8k hours, i am 50 years old, that the first game i have played so much, but i will always give my advice when i am not happy :slight_smile: when the sky is grey, no point to say it’s blue to prevent rain :slight_smile:

but honestly as i already said it in past, conan is a rough jewel, polish it more, and light will be.
again big congratulation to modelers artists and texture artist you have, the one that modelled girl body is more than a great artist, i hope he/she is still with you.

Welp, went and slept for a bit. Looks like I may have woken up just in time (fingers crossed :laughing:).

Want it Now. Want it Now! :stuck_out_tongue:

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