Love the Dev's, Love the Game!

To the entire team at Funcom,

I am blown away at the amount of content, bug fixes, cosmetic changes and general upgrades you’ve put into the game since Siptah hit the market. ALL of the major issue I had with it when it first came out have been completely revamped and improved. Can’t say that happens with most games I play. It’s obvious you are all putting in a lot of work to make this game a fun fulfilling experience. The depth of the lore, the visual experience of the landscape and the people pokemon (thrall smacking and dragging em to the wheel of pain.) really scratches my itch for an open world survival game. Lastly, it wouldn’t be right of me not to mention the incredible building experience. By far it is the best of any game I’ve played in the way of variety and appearance. The shear amount of options both structural and placeable far out weighs that of any game I can think of at the moment.

Let’s not pretend the game dosen’t have it’s bugs floating around but as it’s been made clear, you all work very hard to clean up the worst of them and do your best to address the minor issues when you’re not working on new expansions and additional building packs.

TLDR; I just wanted to take a few minutes of my time to say thank you for making this game for us as we’re really enjoying it. (well most of us, I see some cranky people on the forums). I have 960 hours into this game (100 of those are likely me sitting on the title screen though) and I will likely sink another 900 into this game. I love to build, what can I say.

Please keep it up, as some of us really appreciate you!


Always nice to see a post where someone appreciates the game as opposed to bashing it.


But mah negativity is being blocked and drained!


Usually, when people like a game, they just play it. When they don’t like something, they close the game and go to the forum.


Good thread! I always enjoy positivity :slight_smile:


Posts like this are really nice to see, and important for the people working on the game to see. Especially, when they’re mostly drowning in complaints and insults.


So untrue, I visited the forum about 2 years ago just to thank them. It didn’t take a lot to meet wonderful players so I can almost feel them as friends today. It is very rare to feel so close to persons you never seen in your life. Same with my pvp clan, though they don’t play Conan anymore we speak on chats very often and they know almost everything about me. This forum is the only forum I ever visited in my life and unlike some others I feel blessed I ever played this game, because all these wonderful things I am talking about came with the decision to download a 77 giga game in my console and try it, it was free on Ps plus. So I cannot agree more with @Spacemandan01 because I know exactly how he feels, exactly!!!
I cannot blame you if you didn’t experience all these wonderful things some others had by playing and socializing, but please some of us did and we are very happy about it.
Thank you and I wish you the same m8


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