2.4.xx - Improvements - Thank you

I wanted to take a minute to thank all of Funcom for their recent hard work, making this game great. When I first saw this game, shortly after it’s release in 2018, I didn’t like it at all, even stuck my nose up at it. However, Funcom never stopped trying to improve the game, and eventually won me over. It is currently my favorite game and has been since Siptah (EA) was released in Sep 2020. Some of the most recent QoL improvements to the game are the best overall changes so far and I just wanted to list a few along with my gratitude.

  • New loading images
  • Mounting/dismounting with captured thrall
  • New lighting on Siptah
  • Wheel of Pain animations
  • New climbing animations
  • Items returning to originally equipped spot (using loot all)
  • Iron sickle
  • Able to access horse inventory while mounted
  • Dodge speed increased
  • Can’t accidently drink potion when already full health
  • Able to loot corpses submerged in water
  • Dead thralls new floating animation
  • Adjustable distance for followers and mounts
  • Followers immune to lava
  • SP character transfer (and server transfer to come)

Anyone can feel free to add your own personal favorite improvement to this list. Thank you Funcom and @Community! You guys are awesome! :clap: :clap: :clap:


This is what we need! Positive energy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  • The new map :candle: is the best thing :bomb: that could happen :boom: to the game. It may not be perfect, but there are no ideals. I hope there will be more :world_map: of them.
  • Companions control :point_right:, behavior setting :gear: and leveling :arrow_up: them up is great!
  • I like all the new animations :man_dancing: (overall) a lot, they bring the game to life!
  • What I like the most, however, is that they keep :sunglasses: improving the game. The recent changes to climbing :person_climbing: (which are still only on Testlive) are truly magnetic. :magnet: :back: :heartbeat:

I have been critical of FC for lack of quality control in the past.

However this is a great update with lots to do



We are glad to read all those kind words! We will keep working and keep improving our Lands! :muscle: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you all for your feedback and support! :smiley:


It really is challenging to remember just how far this game has come from the initial release. And the changes, improvements, tweaks don’t seem to be slowing down.

It actually took me a couple weeks of playing upon my return to realize you could mount/dismount with a thrall leashed now. All the colors were a little brighter that day lol


All the voices are necessary , even the negative ones , they help Devs to improve the game , still it is very important to have positive messages as well , not only to thank all the people who worked and still do for the game , but because we need sometimes to listen things we already know , but … we just need to hear it one more time :wink: .
We embrace this game and forum as a family member , it’s in our houses for some years now .
Thank you @DaVice for this wonderful post :+1: .


mounting and dismounting while dragging thrall was the best for me, would be perfect when thrall not get bugged when teleport ; ), please consider also in fixing raining indoors, and some dlc pieces like both sides of curtain, and storm glass sloped walls. Except by this and sandstone trails on all officials, the game is very enjoyable. I play every time i can.


I am also very happy :smiley: that the game supports many languages. This is a big plus :white_check_mark: and a sign that they care about their customers.

Unrelated complaints...

The last game I devoted a lot of time to, still has it specified that it supports Polish language, but in fact it only shows “ERROR:Text-Not-Found”, even in the menu, for several years now.
I am really pleased with Conan. :heart_eyes:


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