Thanks Funcom the Game is Improving

Just wanted to shout out a quick thanks to Funcom. The majority of the bugs which affected myself personally over time, such as thralls falling through the floor, no weather effects, water wells not refilling and meteorites not appearing have now been remedied. Although there is a number of ongoing issues, especially for online players (eg-purge not working and undermeshing), in my own subjective experience, (singleplayer offline) there has been a noticeable improvement. At least you all continually try to fix issues, many other companies such as Bethesda simply ignore many of them. I hope others are beginning to see improvements too…

Keep up the good work


Yeah, it’s amazing. Funcom is a great example of a company that is doing well here. Same as Rare with Sea of Thieves.

As a spectator / consumer, it seems to have been a struggle to figure out how to get it all sorted at first, and they did have a lot of criticism throughout Early Access. But they’re handling multi-console, multi-region updates and DLC, and the game seems to be still progressing.

Excellent work as of late! And to top it off, they seem to be able to achieve it while keeping a work-life balance. Good show! Hoping to keep enjoying and supporting this game.


Yeah, and patches are also becoming more solid, no more “Fix one thing, break five other”.


Agreed. I was frustrated at first, but things are getting much better.

My hat is off to Funcom. I complain about you guys, but the truth is that you care and it shows.


Well… Whenever they take the time to do proper TestLive runs, the patches are (mostly) solid. Whenever they rush them out, we get bugs galore. Not surprising, really.

Examples: Pets part 1, the latest patch: Not problem free, but pretty solid overall
Counterexamples: Pets part 2, several so-called hotfixes: Buggy AF

Lol got me for a sec.

Yeah great work, FC is an amazing compagny. :upside_down_face:

Well I for one still have to reset archer thralls on their 1 foundation high platform they fell through every day, and thralls falling through volcano terrain only to get a message later they are returning home…but never do return or tagged as dead. I truly hope these are addressed instead of more updates to some run/jump animation…

Wait til you get the rubber banding bug nearly a third of us are experiencing…
Game was fine as per usual. Over 300 hours no probs.

~Runs over bridge wooden bridge near Razmas house
~Gets stuck on wooden bridge
~Takes 5mins and 1 failed restart to get off bridge
~Now game permanently rubberbands


Yea nothing breaks anymore, classic. There’s always something. But yes at least it’s only 1 big bug and not 5 big bugs…

Literally happened 10mins ago.

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