Thank you, Dev team

I did a few hours on the new 2.4 testlive update to check out the changes. I have previously felt that the main Isle of Siptah had a few interesting features, but lacked some character. For much of it, its been kind of boring. Its been hard to describe, but perhaps the best way to say it is the general sense of a lack of unique features. Yes, there are some exceptions to the rule here and there. But that was the general feeling. Maybe the Isle of Siptah was designed for players to ‘fill in the gaps’?

But anyway, after checking the new lands, the NPCs camps, the huge number of features… I was impressed. That’s the kind of ‘character’ I wish was all over the Isle of Siptah! The team that worked on those new lands and everything in it – great job. I love the new factions (especially the new ‘big guy’ in the Primitive First Ones), the new climbing animation, the darker nights, the new lighting on torches (nice extra glow especially in dark areas where it most noticeable), and the new places to explore and build. And the volcanic region was downright creepy (kind of a ‘love to hate it’ thing). Its not the kind of place I’d want to live in, but it definitely had a creepy ‘Lovecraftian’ vibe to it.

So I know everything in 2.4 isn’t perfect (the ambrosia and archery nerfs were disappointing), but I did want to just send a big ‘thank you’ for everyone who worked on the 2.4 patch. Your hard work was noticed and appreciated.


Nice feedback, and i can only agree with most points.
I explored the map previously a bit with a first character, then did a new one today to explore further after the update.

First, i loved allready the map lot, and maybe for myself it would be a good place to live, and feel like home, maybe because it’s looking bit similar to my rl surrounding, especially the mountain and forest part. :wink:

Also an new aspect i noticed is the lightening change, and sky change, did you notice it? One of my complain was that and days and especially nights was to bright. Now the sky changed, new stars, new moon move, and it’s darker, what i love lot. I’m still a lover of dark nights, be it in game or rl, so sure, happy for this feature. Maybe colors could be slighty, very slighty be toned down (temp, and saturation), just a notch.

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Also there are some amazing place and nice things to get.

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i am also very happy where this is heading, the siptah nights are so welcome!

the land masses looks interesting too, love em.

the server transfer with our backpacks for PVE is amazing (we love it) , and it has everyone here in our clan happy! it just made our conan world twice as big. :slight_smile:

my concern is QA and the end product, that is what worries me, but for what i can see so far, nothing major seems to be happening with this build, (minor stuff).

now has anyone noticed changes with thralls AI, (not getting stuck and doing full combos?) with the testlive build?


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