Feedback on 2.4 Patch After Playing

Dear Dev Team,

For the most part, this is a pretty good patch. I love the new areas in Siptah, especially the desert-ish area. When I think of the Conan movies, I always think of the desert, so it’s good to see that here on Sitpah. Well done. The new armors are really appreciated. I love it when you guys add in new things like this. Thank you.

The combat changes to rolling are fine. I don’t have any complaints there at the moment.

One thing I do not like is the change to Ambrosia. It makes combat too unforgiving. I’m just a middling player, and having Ambrosia to cover up my mistakes in combat is really helpful. Pro players don’t make many mistakes, and so they are greatly advantaged by the change to Ambrosia. They can find ways to trick new or mid-level experienced players into missing attacks while they drink a potion. Regular guys find it very difficult to do that. Without Ambrosia, there really is no in-combat heal. Potions force you to disengage, even if only for a little while. So please, consider keeping Ambrosia the same as it is currently on non-test servers.

Bug Report:

  1. It seems Spectral Coating is not triggering on undead hyenas, skeletons, or wights.

  2. The guy in the screen shot below has a health bar under him instead of above him. Not sure that’s intended, but I thought I’d report it.

  1. The skeleton environmental element that is just to the right of my character in this screenshot is floating in the air, not resting on the ground like it should be. You should be able to get the coordinates from the lower left of my screenshot.

And not to be ungrateful, but the new land in Siptah really is fantastic. If the dev team can add even more like that, I think it would really encourage people to play there. The new biomes look great. Adding in more, small hiding places so solo players could have a chance against small and medium clans would be great as well.

Anyway, thanks for the update. Will do more testing in the future.


Hey @Befallen

Thank you for your thorough feedback. We have relayed it to our team, as well as your three bug reports for our team to consider.
If you come across any new issues or would like to share more feedback about 2.4 please feel free to do so!

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