More Feedback on 2.4 After Further Play

Dear Dev Team,

There is some really great stuff in this update!

First, good stuff:

+The ability to attack with 1 handed weapons in water is great. Thank you! It’s really a surprise since a year, maybe two years ago, the devs in a dev stream said that combat in water would never happen because the physics were too hard to program. I gotta hand it to you then, this is a big accomplishment.
+I love the iron sickle. Didn’t notice it until now.
+I also appreciate the new anti-meshing items in this patch.
+The new distance on rolling/dodging is great. Man, that is a huge improvement.
+The short sword buff is interesting. Never thought about it. Thank you for paying attention to the small stuff.

Here are some constructive feedback items.

-Thralls not taking damage from lava is nice, but it’s also kinda crazy I can place a thrall to guard an area in Lava. Now a player can’t get to them. It’s just weird. How about you make it so lava only does a little damage to a thrall or pet that steps in it? This way, I don’t lose the follower when visiting the volcano, but I also can’t just have them stand in the lava indefinitely.

-The character transfer thing is something I’ve wanted from the moment Siptah was announced, but I’m a little concerned about griefers just hopping from server to server and whisking away their stolen goods without fear of retribution. Would it be possible to pair up an official Exiled Lands server and an official Siptah server, and then only allow characters to transfer back and forth between those two servers? That would allow people to explore both maps but keep pvp concerns balanced. Also, if you could make it so private server owners could also set that sort of thing up, it would be great.

-I don’t care for the nerfs to archery. I have 3700 hours in Conan so far according to my Steam account, and in that time, it has only been on extremely rare occasions to see a person who has specialized in ranged attacks. Please reconsider your changes to bows and such in this patch.

-I don’t know how I feel about armor not affecting your dodge recovery time. That might take more testing. I might suggest not implementing that change in the next live patch. Let it sit on Testlive a little longer for us to see how it affects the meta.

-I LOVE how we consume less food and water now, but it also makes the second survival perk kinda redundant. Can we get the old Survival Perks back? Or, change the second one to where you get +1 units of whatever when you harvest them with a tool?

-Again, I hate the change to Ambrosia. That just makes combat (both PVE and PVP) much more frustrating. Please do not implement this. Separately, I do like the idea of getting stat buffs from religious food, SO, instead, could you just make new items for religions that give you stat buffs then let the players decide which they want to make?

-The animation on Zath’s spit attack is a little underwhelming. Can you make it bigger and maybe make it glow really brightly in the dark?

Now, these are items not related to 2.4:

=Can you do something with fishing? It is such a pain to fish now, I don’t see anyone really doing it. Fish decay in the traps WAY too quickly. There aren’t enough fat grubs everywhere to make fishing more efficient. Since you changed the cooking and pressing recipes, fish aren’t worth the effort. Now, if it helps server performance, then ok. I’m fine with it. But if you can add something to fishing, it would be really nice. Like maybe, when you eat cooked Savory Fish you get +1 to Agility, Unsavory Fish gives you +1 Survival, and Exotic gives you +1 to Encumbrance. I don’t know. Something to make it more interesting.

=Can you add improved versions of the Fluid Press, Dryer, and Ginder to the game? They would need to be faster and have larger inventory spaces. Adding these improved stations would make it so I don’t have to build as many when I have a lot of resources to process. I’ll sometimes having six or seven presses or dryers all going at once. If I only had to build two improved versions to get the same effect, wouldn’t that help server performance?

=Can you PLEASE do something about off-handed items canceling the animations for attacks? The macro spam for sword and axe attacks is getting out of hand. All people have to do in order to become a PVP god is to set up a macro key on their mouse or gamepad and they can spam near instantaneous attacks with a 1 handed weapon with a binding or throwing axe in their off hand. It is making PVP very unfun. Either make it so the bindings/throwing axes just appear in the characters hand or move them to the primary hand, or something else. It’s a serious problem right now.

Thank you for your time!



I would like to add to this. Archery should be made a viable spec. Archery needs a damage buf to compete with melee. We have one-handed axes with 71 damage.
Add armor pen back, increase damage to be on par with 2-handed weapons. Disable focus key while wearing a bow since this could be overpowered. Focusing a target then equipping a bow could unfocus the target instantly. Make it a hard and rewarding spec. Right now there’s no reason to run archer spec. Also, decrease thrall damage with bows and increase projectile speed. This would be so good.


What is “focusing a target”? That part confuses me and I’ve played the game for a long time.

Pressing Q near an NPC while in 3rd person will focus that NPC.

Ie. lock-on.

Fully agree on animation cancelling of offhand stuff. Its very icky and unfun.

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Server settings “Enable Target Lock” under the combat section? If so, I’ve never enabled that feature as it sounded like it would make combat too easy.

I think that just turn it more auto-on, it’s always there if you want it.

well now I have to load up the game and try it. I think I even unchecked the hot key to use it in keybindings.

It’s making the whole environment toxic. Macro users, and even those who have perfected it without a macro, are using it to bully people and rip new players to shreds. This exploit will be Conan’s undoing if it is not addressed. Conan combat was hard enough for people to master. Now it will be such a negative experience that players will just refund the game through Steam the first time it happens to them. New servers are dying so fast now, it’s not even funny. :frowning:

It would also be fine if they made it so that followers in following or scouting state are immune to lava, but guarding followers take normal damage.


I love how you find solutions instead of just saying “turn it on” / “turn it off” - this suggestion is indeed the way to go.

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I don’t want to be a naysayer, but with the current state of the AI, this might not be a great idea. The thralls aren’t returning to the exact spot that they were placed to guard. So if someone places a thrall on guard nearby the lava, they might comeback to a log report that their thrall was killed because a player antagonized it into the lava. Just food for thought.


Sure, but that’s much more under player’s control. As a player, I can’t make sure that the thrall follows me without wading into lava, because the pathfinding AI can decide to soil the bed at any point. But when I set a thrall to guard a spot in my base, I can set it in a spot that it inside a wall or has fences around it.

It’s not ideal, but if they can’t fix the pathfinding AI, they need to implement some solution. Since people are unhappy with thralls being immune to lava at all times, this is pretty much the only compromise I could think of.

That said, I’m not usually the one to say “this should be easy to implement”, but I honestly don’t understand why they can’t make the followers return precisely to their guarding spot…


I have to agree here. All the guard thralls I place end up all over the place. None ever return to where they are supposed to. Massive issue right now. THey honestly need to check coords every time they cool off from a battle and return to that spot, but they just don’t.

I could see enemies coming to a base and luring thralls into lava for fun. That doesn’t seem very fun for the owner of the thralls.


Agreed!!! :+1:


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