Feedback After Testing 2.1 on TestLive Solo

Hi There,

I played several hours with the 2.1 patch on solo mode. I thought I’d offer my thoughts:

-First, I think this is a very positive change for Conan. I love the new station and the new organization. I really like how you eliminated Exceptional and Flawless. Overall, this is great.

-I wonder, though, if you might be losing some of the Conan flavor. I always think of Conan as an early Iron Age setting. These new crafting stations all look High Fantasy to me. Just asking if that’s in keeping with your vision of the game.

-On to questions and thoughts I had once I played for a while. Could you add Scorpion Queen Glands and Sand Beast Bile Glands to the Fluid Press recipes for Ichor?

-Could you make it so we could use the Fluid Press to turn Plant Fiber into Resin?

-Could you please make Chochneal bugs we get from cactus plants a bait for Fish Traps? Perhaps with a better percentage for rare fish?

-Could you increase the decay timer on fish in fish traps? They decay faster than fish traps can process a stack of bait on Testlive.

-Could you add a recipe to the Firebowl Cauldron that would turn Tar into Oil using Ichor? Or just get the Bark + Ichor recipe back somehow?

-Could you add a recipe to the Tinker’s Bench to turn Black Ice into Crystal?

-I know we’ve gotten a lot of new crafting stations, but could we get upgraded/improved versions of the Dryer and Fluid Press that have more inventory slots? I think we will need that for these new workbenches.

-With the Witch Doctor recipe for turning Bark into Spice gone on Testlive, can that recipe be moved to the grinder?

-Can we get Tier 4 Blacksmith and Carpenter Thralls with the weight reduction ability? Even if you have to add a few more named thralls to the game?

-Could we get a “seedling” every time we chop down a tree with a hatchet (not a pick) that could be planted in a planter and provide wood, resin, and bark?

-The Dyer’s Bench seems too large for what it adds to the game. It doesn’t provide any statistical bonuses. Could that be shrunk by 20% or more?

-Could the “Water Glass” recipe be added to the Dyer’s Bench if we have an Alchemist on it?

-Could we get Ichor in addition to the other resources when we put the following carcasses into the Fluid Press: Sand Reaper, Scorpion, Spider, and Crested Lacerta?

-Currently, there doesn’t appear to be a way to craft Legendary Weapon/Armor Repair Kits in the game. Could that please be added back somehow?

-Could the Dyer’s Bench please accept Cooks as well as Alchemist Thralls? The Firebowl Cauldrons always accepted Cooks and with all the new benches, the need for Alchemists is pretty high. Some additional flexibility would be appreciated.

-Could you add a “Jewelery Box” recipe to the Boxmaker category under Survival that is small enough to place on work benches but only has 5-10 inventory slots? You could use the Fragment of Power boxes as a model. This is mainly a role-playing request, not a balance issue for 2.1

-It seems like the Casting Table and Tinker’s Bench could have been combined into one station. Their flavor overlaps quite a bit. Maybe you could combine them into one, and then turn the other into an advanced Artisan’s Bench or something.

-I wish Branches were a bit more of a useful resource. Perhaps those could be turned into Resin with a Fluid Press?

-Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if the largest crafting stations were actually a T4 station that combined both speed and fuel/ingredient savings. I think it would be hard for a new player to understand the difference between a Trade crafting station and a Precision station.

-Would it be possible when we use Essence of Rot on something to get Ichor in addition to Putrid Meat?

-It’s harder to get Gold in the Exiled Lands than Siptah, but we still need it for Wraps and Aloe Potions. Would it be possible to allow us to use the grinder to make Brimstone into Gold and Ironstone into Silver at maybe a 50-1 ratio?

-Could you turn the Decorative Grindstone into a real Grindstone with just a larger number of inventory slots?

-Bug: The Insulated Wood and Weapon Handle recipes do not appear on the Trade or Precision Carpenter’s Benches. Could you please add them?

-Bug: When I use the admin panel on single player and try to spawn in Master Blacksmith Ulfric, I get Nyle Wolf-Pelt instead.

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