About ''features'' on testlive so far

Oki hello, after 10 hours in testlivie there is my feedback

First i will start with positive things ( things i think i like )


  1. Magic system - so far i guess i opened all on official and singleplayer, cool thing and that its later craftable(ingredients)!

  2. Attributes - even i cant find raw food perk anymore or temperature thing its kinda looking nice - now there is reason to make booze and cold drinks for volcano and cooking all time . And also that infusion with corruption is good ( atleast i hope beast potion will still work to reset them)

  3. Server search menu ( if its like for real not like only in testlive)

  4. Timed magical armor and rework of fight gear is ok i guess
    Maybe more but so far i just found these ones :slight_smile:

So now about negative stuff or bugs

  1. Building system - well from my opinion its worst that can be added ( i mean its easy to craft ok and all in one new panel ) but look what i see :
    • that there is no timer to build and need only level 20 to get perk that allows u to carry all in inventory are damn griefer heaven ( even now on server i play there is guy who builded bridge of sandstones AGAIN even once it was teared down by admins) so imagine this update goes live , there will be sandstone masses even more than they are now… because u just need hammer, full materials in inventory and 20 level basically…
  • next one is that all benches and most of building stuff is in that hammer thing, so by what i get, now i wont be able to give crafted materials or furniture like curtains to friends … ?
  • Last update we got button to pick up placeables ( this one i just dont get , how it works i guess) , now the button is gone, and well if i misplace structure i can destroy it, i get same mats back to make new one , but what with other placeables … like benches or so… only moveable?
  1. Thrall dresser - Ok i understand colors colors, but conan is in barbaric age, so its darker colours - grey , black , brown , dark green…
    But these thralls are like peacocks… even peacocks dont have so stupid colours on them : i mean the age is like ancient age, those colours did not even existed in that time i think, i watched conan movies also , there was colours but not like theese : pink, purple, light blue , light green panties on thralls - i mean WTF they look like in rave party of 90 … this is not really ok… thats not barbaric thats just nonsense :smiley:

  2. This probably bug - but there is like if u place one slave on sacrificial bench and drain they soul, they will stay there forever , if u place next thrall on bench and that next one will look also drained u will just hear screams… ( fixed it by basically dying…)

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This is only the case in creative. The curtains, etc are in the artisan bench when in normal mode.

If it is something that you build with the hammer, you can delete it and get all the mats back and craft a new item or move it using the move function. If it is something you craft in the artisan bench or other benches, you put it on your hotbar like before e.g. double bed.

I think this is a general issue with TestLive, generally those issues go away when it goes to Live. Remember that blinding light we had for the vaults. It was fine when it got released on Live even though it was still blinding on TestLive.

This is something that multiple people have reported and to be looked at. A bug for sure.

Ah ye also totally forgot about this

I think K.O meter was supposed to ‘‘heal’’ back slower than HP bar… but now its like heal is like before ( normally healing when they ‘‘lost interest’’) but K.O is instantly back at 100%

Fun fact : by this mechanism so far i am forced to take atleast 1 hit from npc otherwise they just heal back instantly ( i lost like this t4 dancer while trying to knock it out, it was 5% when he was like - meh i am out, because that dancer did not hit me at all, and healed all back to 100% and well ye)

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