One thing I hate about 3.0

After trying 3.0 in testlive and liking what I’m seeing, it is hard to go back to the non-test server and play Conan. Seems like a waste of time and boring compared to 3.0… At the same time I’m finding it hard to invest a lot of time in the testlive server realizing that will not last.

As an example, I was just playing non-test and realized how boring the current powerful thralls are. I was just going thru U City and more or less just watching my level 20 Beserker wipe every boss by himself and coming nowhere close to being killed (while I just rode around in circles on my horse).

Please release 3.0 ASAP :slight_smile:


The thing I hate the most is that testlive has me trained to use tab to get to my inventory but my live game is still bound to I because I’m too lazy to change it.

TBH the only reason I visit live (other than base security checks) now is to farm mats in preparation for Sorcery. I’m also stocking up on Powder of Corruption because reasons lol.

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How many wights are you up to now? I am sitting on at least 40 in the fridge.


That is classified information…the supposed rumors of me building a wight army may or may not be true…


Yeah remapping that key binding was the first thing I did in test. I have been doing some farming in live as well but realize all my current armor/weapon sets are soon going to be obsolete so hard to put a lot of time in realizing all the changes coming.

For us it’s been restocking on volatile glands, bones, and skulls since we usually use them as soon as we get them. The only thing keeping me motivated is being able to start researching spells as fast as I can capture sacrificial bodies.

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