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Patchnotes: Testlive Update 3.0 (2022.08.04): The Age of Sorcery

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Steam page currently lists it as 2.8 doesn’t it?

Sorry, but who can answer my question Where did the drops disappear which A year ago I sat on twitch and watched streamers for a long time to get a dragon flag and clothes and a lot of things, and now It’s gone after the start


Fixed… Thank you!

  • The default value for the max visibility distance of health bars in server settings is now 15000.

Does this mean we can turn off the setting so that health bars, even client side can be removed?

testlive servers are with password access. How can we access them? a greeting

The modern-age variant of “those about to die, we salute you!”


To the end, Exiles!


What about the White Haired / Same Model Thralls from the Server Merge? Is or will be this Problem fixed?

All the changes being done sound great but are the rules going to be implemented into the code due to the vague or grey area in understanding if the rules are being follow or not.

Let the tests begin. :smiley:


I just completed the revision notes…a couple WTF moments, I cannot lie.

  • Pillars loosing stability without a socket. Does this mean each pillar piece needs an anchor to the mesh or just one in the chain? How many ceiling bases are going to fall apart when this goes live?

  • Pets included into the thrall nerfathon when we were told they weren’t going to be.

  • Sword of Crom loosing ability to damage when equipped by thralls. So they are glorified wall decorations as far as that is concern.


can`t play 3.0 or host any server for testlive. Any ssuggestions?

When I switched from the Live to the Testlive branch in Conan Exiles (Not the Testlive Client), no 3.0 changes are present in a newly started single player game.

Congratulations with 3.0 everyone! Keep your feedback and spoilers going, I want to know everything! Too bad Testlive is not available for PS4 and we dirty console peasants have to wait for… How much exactly @Ignasi ?.. to play Age of Sorcery with you all.

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For 3.0 we will not be updating the Testlive branch on the main product due to technical reasons. In order to test 3.0 you will need to use the Conan Exiles Testlive Product.


I have a few questions!

The old thralls that are placed, they’re not getting nerfed but there have been mentions of perk and attributes will have perks that buff the new thralls that we place, will that buff affect our old thralls?

On the current attribute tree we have encumberance perks, the very last perk that allows us to run while being over encumbered. Will we still have that perk?

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Another hour I think lol Testive client is updating so I hope that is the right one.

Yes we do, last perk under Expertise.


Downloading now. My son has instructions to break it. We’ll see what crashes he can come up with…