Castle walls - seeking advice

This unworthy person makes his kotau in front of the mighty stelagel, bathing in the kind words that this master of the sweet tongue provides to the insignificant scholar, that is me.

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Done this trick I like it creativity.
Sadly a pillar not snapped in the middle of a foundation breaks eventually :confused:

Its better to always snap a pillar to the ground, this can be done by using ceiling instead of foundations.

You can build round (without tricks) on top of a triangular base and also on top of a parallelogram. You can also make a platform that is square-ish where two sides are bit jagged. And finally you can use a partially unfilled perfectly square foundation by extending the four sides which form a square using fence foundations. Maybe easier to visualize by looking at the graphic:


Yeah I see and I’ve used it too a lot
But after some updated they break :confused:

It happened to me many times pillars breaking on foundations or ceilings.
If the pillar is connected to the ground you are 100% safe (pillars can go through ceilings, not foundations).

It might has to do with stability it shows 100 stability but for me it still breaks after a period of time (can still stay for months before it breaks).

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I don’t understand if you’re agreeing or mounting an agreement so… umm…

Been there, don’t want anyone to have the same fate I had haha
My entire roof had to be rebuild back then, and some other supported structures…

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Yes of course you can. I kept it small so I can screen capture it all. The perimeter pattern remains the same regardless of size

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BTW, it’s also possible with some building sets to place fence foundations through counter-aligned blocks in order for form your square on top of a round. It’s perfectly stable but these latching rules may change in future making the expansion of a such a build difficult or troublesome.


3.0 is in TestLive now, we can go test various ideas like these. :wink:


It is? Where?

I’ve been downloading it for five minutes.


:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:, lucky you, I envy pc players,

So just click “Install” and ignore the fact that the page claims that it’s 2.8 ?

I’m updating the TestLive client, it’s doesn’t specify what the build is.

  • btw, I used that handy snippit technique above :point_up_2: that I learned thanks to this thread. :sunglasses:

Yep. Getting the Testlive update now. Looks like its gonna be a big one! (nearly 28 Gb)

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They fixed it - or Steam just now updated my Steam page…

It now lists 3.0

I’m getting a fairly good speed out of it too (although I occasionally get better):

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Floods and other natural disasters will NOT be part of the 3.0 update!

Question answered!


I’m having troubles starting it! let’s chat about it in a different thread though.


Whatever you do. Don’t stack foundations 1015 tall. This caused a lot of lag. Use pillars and ceiling tiles. And walls.

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