Castle walls - seeking advice

Hello everyone

My skills on building a normal size castle (not big or huge) are still under development, and I want to add a circle foundation to each corner of the castle 's square body.

What should I do?

Here’s the example of the construction I want to add in the square body of the castle:

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For Construction tips and tricks, check out these content creator channels:

I remember that they also dealt with castle - tower construction. Its probably a few years back, but its in there. Happy hunting!


I would add the tower to the castle via its outer square building piece. Either directly to the tower or via a small bridging pathway. If that makes sense.

You can add bastions to your walls to increase the coverage of your archers.

Yeah, don’t add fences. AI archers aren’t “smart enough” to adjust their position to shoot over a fence; they’ll just stand there shooting fences and do nothing to help defend your base.

Its also helpful to put some obstruction a foundation length away from the wall (like spikes or palisades). Not only do they help keep attacks away from your walls, but it also helps your archers to line up their targets. Archer AI needs some love.

My personal favourite vanilla builder is:

Check him out, I am sure you will find some nice ideas.


Thanks, @Narelle – I hadn’t found that content creator yet. Looking over the videos, they do look really good. I can’t wait to see what Lyumi Light has in there. :heart_eyes:

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I watch those vids sometimes and subscribe there. They’re entertaining (to me anyway) - I like watching buildings go up.

@Kazalakis, but for learning and/or getting inspired I think it’s better to look at still pics rather than videos. We have a great thread here in these forums. Here’s a post from me that I think might explain what you’re looking to do.

And you can scroll through the entire thread at your own pace for some fantastic ideas!


Something like this?

Forgot to teach how to fish…


Silly question @erjoh, but how did you take a screen shot in that app?

EDIT: nevermind, I just used paint. :man_shrugging:

Hoho sweet. Thanks so much.

Can I set this castle 's root on/in water ?

I have been trying a castle I saw for beginners in YouTube but failed. I tried to fill the gap with foundations and every time I had gaps in few areas plus I could could not connect the sides with the middle.

The pic which I am uploading in my reply to you is my failed attempt.

I tried this design from YouTube and had issues on putting foundations inside and connecting the sides from within

The trick to it is that you got to use wedges right after the straight wall connections because the corner tower isn’t a 90 degree angle to the wall and so wedges will fill in that and then that will leave the center ready for square foundations.

For your question, you can build underwater but only a very few placeables are allowed to be put on water.

Oh as for this a useful tip that a lot of people still don’t know :slight_smile:
Windows has a snippet tool since midway through win 10, you can just press Win+Shift+S and draw a rectangle on the screen (or use the options in the tiny toolbar on top). Once you do that, whatever you selected will be copied to the clipboard and you can paste it anywhere.
Including this forum as it has support for paste-upload so you can upload attachments simply by pasting into this editbox :slight_smile:


Good to know, thank you sir. :+1:

Paint? UG… Windows comes with a very nice snipper…

Bottom- right.

It even lets you draw or highligh on the snip - with many levels of Undo. It has Fullscreen cap, Window cap, and Selection cap too…

Heh, it can even grab itself:

It uses the Clipboard so if you have Multi-Clipboard set up you can even scroll through the edit history or multi-grab history. :slight_smile:

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Oops, you beat me to it… :smiley:

Yea, I’m fast! ha! The evil people removed that thou since :smiley:
Looks like this in Win11
And that’s all pretty much :smiley:
and these are the potential things you can add…

However you can still search for that tool and launch it separately if you want to draw on your snippet, and there’s a setting where you can change the print screen button to act like the win+shift+s key combo so it’s easier.
Oh well :smiley:

I just use the stylus icon on chrome os…ok I’ll go back in my corner.


Sorry guys, I didn’t mean to turn the thread into a screen shot tutorial. :man_shrugging:

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