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You can find the pieces at the camp on the beach south east middle, but I haven’t been able to craft one
When you delve it, it will be a different armour mix


Awe, that’s a shame… I can spawn it in IoS test-serve and dedicated but like you, haven’t found a recipe anywhere in IoS official. :frowning:

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I don’t see a lemurian or royal armor recipe, so it may be only a transfer option. Exiled Land for the winnar?

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Seeing how minimalist I can go before I get sick of it and build another dumb giant house.

I’m still on the fence as to whether I want to use crafting stations or just use what I can make by hand or scavenge from NPC camps.


Jungle has so many ruins you can place your benches and chests without building, yet the decay timers are tricky. Generally the exile lands has ruins, I just like more the ones in the jungle.


I went to the Test Server to test out a build shape I had in mind. I came up with this. The triangle sides can be any length with those ring sizes. It’s an equilateral or “regular” triangle tho so the sides need to be all the same length. In my way, the ring is formed first (3 Wedge, 2 block, repeated) with the long side of the 1st 3-wedge group facing whatever direction you want the 1st side of the triangle to go in.

The rings can be split either initially or afterward by splitting either of the two square block pairs (across from each other) which do not form a vertex of the triangle. So if you wanted an capsula rather than a circle just add blocks there.

To fill in (or extend) the rings just add the opposite block type: Where there is a square block, add wedge blocks and where there are wedge blocks add square blocks. I dunno if there are various ways to fill the insides of the triangle - there probably are - I just went this route cuz it was easiest.

My idea was to encircle a few of the redwood trees - as I live in the giant forests on the isle of Siptah. :wink: I used these white block set so I could see the patterns better. So that’s me in blue, flying about 50 or 60 meters above the shape.

On the second floor each ring is large enough to hold all of the T-1 crafting benches in the game - one of each as well as the tree trunk but you may want to extend the shape of the rings as described, for a bit more room. And of course the shape can be patterned in any of several ways to grow the base or make a larger initial structure. -=shrug=-

Base Shape Ring Splitting

It took about 120min. to construct the final building and get it so that the trees I selected were centered in the rings (or the differences split).



Various other angles:


Not if I’m the server admin and turned off decay. [guy_tapping_his_head.jpg]


I have a solo play game going and so far all I’ve done is build in admin mode. I’ve been spending days on this just to make a castle on Violet Isle. The reception area is the first room, the throne room/banquet hall is behind that. All crafting happens in the towers, and my character’s chambers are at the top of the left tower. I will split this up in two posts since I can only post 5 at a time.

Part 1:


Part 2:


Huh, that is a nice eclectic mix of styles that somehow all works just right.

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What I love about the Yamatai ceiling tiles is that the sides have that light-colored stone texture that shows just a little bit under fences.


Exactly the words :+1:t6:. Well done @Xanna_Deux

Looks cool! GJ!

You have very cool buildings there. Are you using radium torches with red dye? I did that for another build… looks AMAZING with Stormglass.

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Yup! I didn’t even know it was possible till a few weeks ago when I was reading a @CodeMage thread slash, bug report.

I tried a bunch of different colors. It seems that different building sets look better (or worse) with particular colors. Red is pretty great with Stormglass for sure though.

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Haven’t played in a while. Starting out as always with something small, functional, and aesthetic.

Also - I can’t quite put my finger on it… but I think there’s a reason why I always hit lvl 16 before putting down any workbenches.

(I had literally only just put down a forge and started smelting my first iron bars when I stopped to take these screens)

EDIT: I now at least have some light armor and iron tools.


The irregular unsymmetrical forms make it look really cool! I like it!

I’ve been making a conscious effort to avoid using all the regular overlap tricks I use this time around so it’s not quite as fancy as I could make it, though I do still have LBPR loaded to better fit worktables together.

Looks great, wish more players did this

We have already so much boxes (even worse when they use different building types all slapped random together)

Well, I’ve always viewed player bases in this game to be more like settlements and cities (depending on the size of the clan) and lay them out accordingly.

I allow myself more freedom in layouts though as I turn off the purge in my singleplayer game, though it is out of necessity rather than the difficulty - building the way that I do makes the meter fill insanely quick and next thing I know I got purges coming after me and in this case I’d be fending off god knows what with iron weapons in first-tier DLC armor all by myself. I haven’t even figured out where to put my wheels of pain yet, so no thralls. I have a single pet hyena being raised currently (his name will be Mr. Snickers).

Last time I had the purge turned on they still triggered down around the southern river. I had to try and stop the hyena purge with just stone weapons. You try and stop 2-3 werehyenas in rags with a stone sword.

So I don’t have the same kind of pressures and considerations others may have to make but even when I would still play on other people’s servers I’d push for walled cities out in open fields or something that made clever use of the land visually rather than consideration for defensive placement.