Build a house without crafting tools!

This August needs reasons for more gaming! So I will try to do something different and I beg for the help of this forum that the last year’s help me to RP in my gaming and create things that I enjoy :blush:. Thank you all guys, I love you for this :grin:!
So I was thinking to do a small challenge that will keep me busy for the next couple of weeks!
I will place some rules to proceed to this challenge that I believe that I will find fun!
Please feel free to make it more hard by adding more difficulty, I literally beg you for it :pray:t6:.
No crafting weapons, only loot!
No crafting tools only loot!
No followers except a camel maybe? Or not you tell me, but certainly not a horse or something that will help me go out of trouble!
No map room use!
Time limit place if you wish, but something logical please ???
Which map?
In exile lands I can move extremely easy, way easier than Siptah, but Siptah has tremendous drops of bearer packs which will make it a lot easier!
Single player or official?
Difficulty decadent or barbaric if single player?
Please proceed to some answers here and this time I will poke @Community too if they want to take part of this, for relaxing from problems In here!

I beg you fellow exiles to make me happy!!! Thank you :heart:


This I am expecting from you to tell :joy:. Give me pain @Marcospt you know I love it, I beg for difficulty and suggestions :pray:t6:

It sounds like fun challenge, obviously on 3.0?
Maybe i could join You?

No followers sounds fun, no crafting tools sounds fun - instead of farming it would force to fight only to get tools / resources.
Wonder if its possible to do no crafting at all?
Building a house seems like easy task, what about something like beating strongest boss?

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Offline I will put I barbaric and I will play on my daughters account, so whatever gives the default system :man_shrugging:. Offline it is :wink:.

Oh I will, just not the rockslide yet, after 3.0 I will surely do it :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Thank you for your contribution @Wielder feel free to add difficulty :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

@stelagel how about building a 3 floors high house using ONLY pillows…???

Is that a good challenge?

Single player ofc for not clustering the server…

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Thank you @Ragnaguard, I will definitely :grin:.
So far…

I had to play on my daughters account because I had to delete everything and in my single player I love my builds :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
So as you see under I farm without multipliers and I didn’t touch anything at all on the craft too, basically I touch nothing on settings, I just press the difficulty and that’s it.

Fist fighting with an imp and I lost this hp, I wonder what will happen with human npcs

My first tool and my first weapon, cool :grin:.

See you later :wink:

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I need pics of that!!!

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Do not think in any moment that I am a pro builder! What I get from this is that I will fix a base without foundations, only with pillars and ceilings! Is that what you are asking?
By the way, is Sepermeru allowed? @Marcospt?


ONLY PILLOWS , not pillars (Μόνο με μαξιλάρια!!!)

will be challenging enough!

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Omg I thought you made a spelling mistake :person_facepalming:t3:. How is this possible? I never builded with pillows. I don’t know how to do it :man_shrugging:.

OK! Since we got the steel daggers we had to try it…

This weapon has only legendary name, the damage is really low to be considered as legendary weapon! So…
I took Zath, I took Set and back to the darfari lands to fix my first shelter!
Sinners Refuge, sorry @Mikey and thank you for the boots and the pickaxe :joy:.

My first shelter needs sticks now, every time I hit a branch and get plenty I say to my self… Thank you @Wak4863, omg how handy this is to know.
My first shelter is ready :blush:.

To be continued…


@stelagel i pm’ed u to get a glimpse
!!1 XD so single and admin panel spawn a ton!!! :stuck_out_tongue:




You are truly special crazy person in a world of crazy people. For your pillows base I picked up Senk the Pillow dancer 2 days ago in Sinners refuge. She does not have anything on Bella by the way.


I did this with @Marcospt too without thralls! If you play on Playstation name the server and I join :wink:.


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Suddenly this post is brighter, thank you for honoring me with your presence @JJDancer, feel free to add a difficulty please :joy:.

So let’s call it for today.
I couldn’t resist so when I looted some stone daggers I just had to do it :rofl::rofl::rofl:, it’s a damn weakness I just can’t control

Yes I broke four sets of stone daggers and almost the watchers sword aaaand

A bow :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.
So I went to visit Sepermeru, loot a bit :laughing: and went again, for another sword :confused:. Not able to repair is way harder that I thought it would be, on the way…
I just love this view

Another spider down aaand

Yes, yes, yes, 7500 durability, omg that surely made my day!!!
Level 35, a small cabin, a furnace, a carpenter bench, a blacksmith bench, a small wheel and a tannery (behind) it is all I managed!

Tomorrow is another day, goodnight


Hmm, there’s a permanent bearer spawn at Fleshtearer Falls, that’s probably your easiest one. (cannibal camp above and to the left of Skittering Cavern)


Thank you for the tip @Xevyr :+1:t6:, I know this area pretty well :wink:so it knows me back :rofl:. I really appreciate it however

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