Bazzaar improvement , Currently as of 9/2/2022

Ok after seeing what the bazaar is about , and doing challenges…

A couple of thing that need improving … When something says Craft a tool , have a mulitplayer added for the tool you craft … such as stone tool = 0.5 , iron tool 0.8 , steel tool 1.0 , black ice tool 1.5 and archaeon to be 1.8… etc This will allow player to decide on how they want to complete the challenge. and if they want to do the higher grade or not

When you got a go to a location … please provide An Or statement in it that can be in Exile land or Siptah … im sure this wont be too hard to do. Do the same for emote to a location … provide two location one for exile land and one for Siptah … reason being … is that Some server or some single player perfer to be on Siptah

Since you have to be logged into the game to access challenges menu, game already knows what map are you playing - just mark one challenge slot as “map specific” and generate challenges accordingly.

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it doesnt alway , hence why its smarter to include an or statement on the card of challenge , so those challenge doesnt appear to them

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