List of fixables for 2.9

Hi Exiles,

Please drop your most-requested fixes here. Things you think will help the game move to the next level, or maybe things that should’ve been fixed already. No judgments, just suggestions.

Yours truly,


My Starter List:

  1. Fix thrall dragging through Maps. This will eliminate a lot of wheel houses just taking up space.
  2. Add a multiplier for thrall damage while offline. This will help moderate offline raiding, while limiting the senseless losses of very significant time sinks.
  3. Fix the Ping Cap or eliminate it. No more half measures that allow illegal players. (Unknown feasibility but I have seen it suggested: perhaps add a region blocker so that VPNs won’t be a major factor.)
  4. Improve horse models and characterizations.

My list:
1- Rebalance Bombs. Placeable distance (1 foundation imo), crafting location (Special bomb station, not handmade), and ignition (can’t use any arrows aside from explosive ones to ignite). If they’re still overpowered, then reduce the damage.

2-Limit server transfers from map to map. At the moment, you can go from PVP to PVE, but not go back. I like this. Lets do the same for Exiled Lands to Siptah. You should be able to transfer from the Exiled Lands (where everything is comparatively weak) to the Isle of Siptah (where everything is strong), but once you’re in Siptah, you can’t go back. This fixes the current meta of “Siptah or Bust” in PVP

3-Remove the stacking of the STR50 perk, Berserker’s Draught, and the Goblinoid helmet. They all provide the same bonus, so having it stack doesn’t make much sense and is way too strong in a PVP setting. On PVE, players are capable of completing all content even without these stacking buffs.

4-Improved god performance. Fix the animation cancel that occurs when a land-based god attempts an attack on uneven ground.

5-Let us rotate building pieces when replacing existing ones

Edit: Clarification and Grammar corrections


My list:

-Further improve AI, specially during combat.
-Allow modders to utilize Siptah textures ( I honestly don’t know how to call them, I don’t mean npcs, more like terrain and water )
-Better horse handling
-Add more to the survival aspect, I’m still hurting from the armor change and the removal of special armorers for specific armors.

  • Keep up the good work!

Do you mean fix the visuals? I imagine that could be in scope. Based on 2.7 and 2.8 I would imagine a lot of the suggestions are more likely to included in something like 3.0 but still good suggestions. I think 2.9 is probably already baked.

  • Planters, they don’t produce more or faster with higher tiers
  • Yamatai Chest texture needs fixing
  • Greater hyenas not crafting (the cub disapears)

10x faster dung for pets :slight_smile:


Yes… yes they do.


What is the current state of planters? I haven’t really used any aside from the basic ones for Lotus production, so I’m not up to speed on the nuances of planters :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have this DLC, so what’s the current issue?

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The pieces are all black and pixelated since I think 2.7.


stick with tons of crude ones for now, trying to highlight the issue in bug reports, description still says the better ones work faster, they dont, official dev response is that the improved ones should produce more plants not faster, which they also don’t.

the issue to yamatai is theres a shading error on the warlord chest piece and it looks really bad, guessing they flipped a normal map channel or something the shading is really off.


I think I was reading the tea leaves this morning and reckoning the “fixes” would come with 2.9, with spit and polish appearing plus new features at 3.0.

When you drag a thrall through a map room, they come out the other end “not on the rope.” Neither rope nor thrall is visible, so one must blindly run to the nearest wheel and hope things don’t go awry.


I have a friend who chants “dragging a thrall… dragging a thrall…” all the way home. Would love this fixed too. The thrall location, not the chant. I will miss that.


Thanks for the info @Raskhaul and @darthphysicist! I appreciate it


teleporting while dragging a thrall, or entering in the passage and in the dragon mouth in vulcano.


Here’s one: please fix the player names being exposed via PC Console. It grants a very clear tactical advantage to know how to do it, then exploit it to see with whom you’re currently playing, and whomever has been on the server that entire day.

  1. please transform the ‘fewer building restrictions’ command into an Admin setting and implement it so that console players may have some level of recourse available to them too.

  2. please add a slider for ‘no build zone radius’, akin to the player landclaim radius, which will allow singleplayers and private server admins to shrink or expand the no building zones.


There’s one I’d like that I thought about when setting up a new outpost. I’d like a workstation workstation, to build workstations.

I got tired of shuffling around encumbered while waiting for something to be finished because I had to carry bricks, steel. etc.


lots of people have suggested a builders bench before to make building pieces, could intergrate it into that idea.


Would it be prudent for it to benefit from a thrall like a carpenter? Faster crafting speed or reduced material cost maybe?

Even without the thrall benefit, I’m 100% on board with this idea. Reducing the clutter in the handcrafted menu sounds like a dream

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Fix archer thralls, back in EA archers were the first line of defense.
You couldn’t have them follow, they didn’t need to be supplied with arrows, and you didn’t level them.

But you had to eliminate them to even get near someone’s base because they were absolutely deadly.
They were like turrets, set them down and they killed any non friendly in their range.

I’m not saying we should go back, but we need something like that again, maybe actual turrets?

I wouldn’t be opposed to a total archer thrall rework, if it meant they were effective again.
We need some kind of off line raid protection that works.

Server transfers are not necessarily a bad thing, but something needs to happen to stop them from being an off line raider’s grief machinic. longer cooldowns, no transfer if recently used an explosive, like in the last two weeks?, something.


Cimmerian, Hearty, and Lasting Feasts are still bugged.

Thrall Combat AI needs refinement.

The thing @Barnes said about dragging captives.

Purge spawning. TBH they keep spawning way too far from my base, unlike others who get them on their roofs/in their base. Can we get a happy medium here?

Dragonbone Arrows crafting in singles instead of stacks of 10.

Option to disable server transfers in the Server Settings menu (instead of having to edit the file manually).

I may add more but Boss is approaching…