List of fixables for 2.9

Fix crafting queues bug (eating clear queue for next item).
fiber+branch, craft a bedroll, eat, you have 3 twins …!
(same in benchs)

Fix dismantle bench, too low ressources back.

Too much gold, silver, star metal, fragments, supply box … on siptah.

@Rekt I do not agree for bombs, already to much nerfed. Just try to raid and you will see, solo vs another player it is very hard. No limits for transfers, everyone can go to siptah to take recipes and go back to EL. It is fun! Only 20 EUR or USD.

Increase raid time on officials PVP servers, for example 17h00 / 24h00 instead of 18h00 / 23h00. It is PVP servers!!! Others games like Ark or Rust are full raid time 24h a day (and with a bigger player base). PVP servers must be PVP servers, and not PVE or RP servers. (And some peoples work on evening).

Disable health bar for players like before, because actually you can not hide.

Disable foundation scanning for land claim check, else it is used to locate hidden bases (you have to place a foundation to get land claim information). It ruin the game if you try to hide your base.

Bring back player list like before, to see who is online.


Actually, just make all Archers non followers who get levels from protecting base thru kills. Be a reason to collect a variety. Just make the fighters and bearers the only follower thrall. All others would serve a purpose, dancers heal in base, bearers for the carrying capacity, archers as turrets, and fighters as followers to adventure with. And break up some of the pets the same way. Be a really interesting new way to build and layout bases both against purges and against pvp.


Make Greatswords actually great again. A heavy finisher for a 1H sword knocks down humans, but not a 2H sword? C’mon now. The 2018 era was a good time for greatswords since their light finisher was a horizontal sweep that knocked down humans, and the heavy finisher could sunder and cripple.

Tidy up the visible and collision meshes for terrain on Exiled Lands. It’s just disorienting to be standing on an invisible cliff, while climbing inside the textures of another.

Swap the survival perk 1 with 2, since there isn’t a good reason why 20 survival only doubles waterskin capacity, and thirst is a more precarious vital state early game.

Revise Grit 30. Instead of a 15 armor boost, make it 150. It bumps up the current protection to the entry level of the next armor weight tier. Alternatively, remove this perk and allow Grit 30 to refund stamina while getting staggered by enemy attacks. Leave the armor bonus to agility.

Thrall responsiveness in a crowded environment requires much more polish. If they get pushed into so much as a bar stool or a cairn, they stand around waiting for their fate until you explicitly command them to attack a target.

Horse mounting and dismounting needs to be rid of that irksome bug where only a single direction key is recognised about a second or so. While not a major issue in the grand scheme of things, it does hamper pacing in tense situations.

Ayo, why is Lasting Feast still missing?

Rocknoses clipping into each other can have damage immunity in some instances. I believe this is tied into the system that prevents exploitatively damaging enemies behind cover when they clip through it. Hopefully gets resolved soon.

Knockback from weapons need to be revised. Chaining attacks with knockback eventually leads to a missed attack, which then allows your target to counterattack. This plagues truncheons the most with their shortest melee range hitbox. I suggest reserving knockback to the finishers.

A similarly themed issue occurs with spiders. Their spatial collision is separate from their actual hitboxes, so once they rear up to pounce, you cannot reach it from the front unless your weapon has a longer range. The plagues daggers the most, alongside 1H weapons.

The Black Galleon is still afflicted by misaligned furnishings and an errant spawn on the middle sail.

Accessing follower inventory is still problematic in the dagon dungeon. The most reliable workaround is to place the follower between the crosshair and the camera. Needless to say, this is frustrating when trying to grab a locust grub.

Riverwatch camp is still depopulated of the darfari and hyenas.

Gilzan the Treasure Hunter’s doppleganger is still present on the Slave Road.

It would be nice if it was easier to grab The Floe and The High Way landmarks on the Exiled lands without being teleported either into the volcano or out into the snow prematurely.

The white tiger boss located at B10 of the Exiled Lands(jagged rock cliff) has a pathing issue for NPCs preventing them from reaching each other outside of teleportation.

How are meteorites that resist tens of explosive arrows without cracking, still a thing?

The black yetis really need to have a nearby chest each already.

It would be nice to have distinct color beam and map icon for Zath anytime now.

Edgesmiths and Fletchers need to be made more relevant. Being multiplier based means the only good use for them is to craft an obsidian hammer with 63% base penetration. Meanwhile, axe users get shafted. A flat 10% increase would be much better across all weapons.

Scoutwrights are not competitive enough compared to the Shield and Temper Wrights. Their measly 12% weight savings and 12% durability boost is inferior to the humble armor weight reduction kits well worth the durability penalty.

Please decide if the black dye requires a high level alchemist in the dyer’s bench or not. A bit of a non-issue, but keeping things tidy is a good sign of ongoing support.

Similarly, decide if specific thralls in benches like the saddler’s table, casting table, artisan’s table, and tanner’s table should convey certain benefits. Otherwise, remove their thrall slot altogether to limit ambiguity and keep things tidy.

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Ping cap fix.

God im so tired of chinese players.

For pvp servers only:
Remove target lock against players on official pvp server.
Reduce lance dmg.
Change the way buildings takes dmg, so you cant make the base slow to spawn by shooting arrows etc. (this also effect performance in general)
Have someone within funcom focus on dealing with cheaters, they are literally live streaming cheating and not getting banned.
Make it so you cant rebuild X amount of time after your base has taken damage.

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In addition to the suggestions above for a possible 2.9 patch before the huge 3.0 is coming with lots of new mounts, riding NPCs and Thralls, lots of new monsters and NPCs and …… :sweat_smile:

  • Please fix the glaring light in the jungle biome of the Exiled Land.

  • There are still boss monsters and opponents that disappear completely into the mesh after their death and can no longer be looted, e.g. the boss snake in the nameless city.

  • In the lance fight on horseback, I miss the fact that you can simply push the opponent off the horse with the lance without possibly killing him. This is a feature I really miss.

  • More overview and order in the player inventory as well as in the admin spawn table

  • Modded server clusters with Amunet’s server transfer use the same mod lists for their multi-map servers. The possibility has already been created to merge the overview maps for the different maps in one table. I would therefore also like to be able to merge the different journey steps into one table so that they do not overwrite each other.

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Two more, unfortunately these each carry an “either or”:

  1. Remove Health Bars in PvP, or finally admit Conan Exiles is not a PvP game.
  2. Change the fog settings to a slider-controlled value. Right now, I can turn off all fog effects and see from end to end on the map. It would be great to either remove this ability, or create a variable ability that is advertised and exposed to all players.

I raid often as a solo, and bombs are way too strong. I’ve solo raided a 10 man clan, and it wasn’t difficult. bedroll nearby, box of dragonpowder and stuff to make bombs with, make 20 bombs, hit a part of the base where they arent, get killed, spawn back at bedroll, and repeat. The ease of placement, creation, and ignition of the bombs makes them ridiculously easy to use. Their damage is strong, and combined with the other factors… well… there’s a reason why no one bothers with gods except as a light show.

Also, you bring up how “fun” it is to go from Siptah to the exiled lands. “Everyone” can indeed go to Siptah…if they want to shell out $20 for a DLC in a game that they’re already spent money on. P2W mechanics suck, and we all know it. I stand by my statement: Leave Siptah stuff in Siptah where it’s balanced. Bringing it to the Exiled lands is akin to exploiting the mechanics of the game, as it introduces unfair mechanics to players who don’t want to or can’t afford to shell out more money for a game that already costs money.

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As I mentioned in the other thread, its also a problem for setting difficulty in PVE so making it server side settable would benefit both playstyles. Its one of those instances where a setting can benefit both. A private PVE server could still enable it if they want easier settings but for hardcore servers (like one I run) the admin would probably like to disable it entirely as an option for max difficulty (I know I would).

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Part of me can see where they were going with this: “oh wow, that Barnes douche has all the DLC, I bet he’s got Siptah stuff!” So everyone will try to raid me, perhaps is the thought process – I’ll have all the Lucky Charms.

Well guess what? No one cares. PvP fights are over in 2.65 seconds, and it don’t matter if it’s feroxic or stone, I’m gonna take your kit.

I think Funcom should open a little path up the volcano that leads to a teleport tunnel. Then you wash up on Siptah. If you don’t own the DLC, after a short while you’re teleported back.

My purpose in calling it out though is it is specifically anti-PvP.

Considering the last patches, thrall emotes and QOL, CE is decidedly un-PvP. The health bars have only helped me in one way, which is environmentally. They make me want to go thralling. They allow me to hunt hatchlings successfully. This is fine. I just don’t want other players falling into the trap I’ve wasted the last 5 years on: Conan Exiles is not PvP.


Simple for me
24/7 raid

DbD 15 minute cool down after lcg off.

No rebuilding for 15 minutes after last damage to a base.

pvp raid servers only, increase scmmcraft8ng costs by 2, then add in camps that can have a wall built around that give raw mats every 1 hour. Creates control and conflict points for pvp

Teleprot (map rooms) 15 minute cooldowns.

This would make pvp real on raid servers.
If i can kill you and hold you from damaging for the 15 mins, then there is a strategy for clans to use and push back the attack allowing for repairs etc.


Not exactly. It’s moreover that Siptah stuff is just flat out better, which gives a distinct advantage to people with the DLC over those who don’t. Want a crazy strength in light armor and still have points left over for everything else? War Court’s garb from Siptah. Want a crazy encumbrance and still have points left over? Boots of the Serpent from Siptah. Do you like Venom-Infused weapons, but don’t like having the trade off of lower damage? Feroxic weapons from Siptah. Do you like one-shotting players with a lance? Goblinoid Helm from Siptah.

I’m not saying that Siptah is bad. Far from it, actually. What I’m saying is that it isn’t fair to newer players who are giving the game a shot after hearing about it but haven’t decided to purchase the DLC yet. It’s also not fair to people (such as myself) who do have the DLC, but prefer to play on the exiles lands without having to server-transfer stuff. I like to play on one server at a time. I don’t want to spend my limited gaming hours on a server with the sole purpose of bringing home some better equipment.

As an aside, I want to talk about Ark for a bit, specifically how they handled maps and transfers. Because Ark has so many maps and so many different creatures in them, it seems like it’s P2W there too. However, Ark also produced and released some “Official” modded maps (Center, Ragnarok, Crystal Isles, etc) that were provided for free. These maps had access to the new creatures as well, thus presenting a way for players to get them without having the shell out for each of the expansion DLCs. In addition, the new creatures were relatively balanced compared to the old ones, so not much was lost by playing on the original map versus a new one. I’d love for Funcom to embrace maps like “Savage Wilds” and provide official mod support for it and whatnot.


Good stuff, Homie. (Pardon, one judgment: this is how sensible people discuss differing points without argument.)


1: Add a lot more decor
2: Hide helmet option for PvE servers, works like nudity but disabled on pve-conflict and pvp.
3: Inverted pieces, there are literally missing pieces for all the building sets that make some building designs completely unworkable.
4:Reduce the grind of stone - bricks - hardened bricks as well as iron ore - iron ingots - steel. I don’t get why there is such a huge grind with these two.
5:Gold / Silver ore nodes in Exiled lands like there is in Isle of Siptah.

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I’d like this to be an option in PVP too. Like being able to hide my own helmet but still see everyone else’s. Like nudity, this would only affect me, so everyone else could still see my helmet if they wanted.

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Oh snap! THIS!

Wasted 15 DFO’s the other day before just giving up!



I would like to see the attribute bonus each armor piece give when im hovering over them in the bench. I dont want to keep all that in my head.


More quality of life things.

Add color preview for armor pieces. Could look like this:

Also show the amount of stats it gives. Like:
Bonus Survival +4, Grit +4, Vitality +4


I’m liking all of these QoL improvement requests. Haven’t found one yet that I disagree with


belly dance with swords!