Suggestions to improve and keep adding to the game

  1. Make a world map - Reason [This would let you add Island of Siptah to the map along with the Exiled Lands. With much room to keep adding in the future. This would make it so when we remove are bracelets we get a [World Map] it also lets you add more categories for crafting like shipwright and let’s you add more Thralls that can help you sail. This also opens up a lot of ocean content to explore and discover like underwater caves, dungeons and world boss,s to fight.
  2. Add more Thrall types [Bard’s that sing] Bartender, Merchans that you can take back and set up to sell your items at your camp. Also do a much needed update to make the thralls feel more alive add a Command Table you can craft and use to set your thralls up to train, patrol sing, dance, sell ale at your ale house and this also is where you can set up your merchant thralls to sell stuff in shops you build in your camp.
    3 This would remove the need to transfer your toon to learn recipes and bring them over. You would be able to go from one Island to another by sailing.

Its more complicated than just adding a world map to go from siptah to el.


Max size of UE4.15 maps are 8 x 8 KMs. So, EL and Siptah being on the same map (World Map) would not be possible normally since both are 8 x 8 already.

Max size of UE5 maps I read are 21 x 21, so they apparently improved optimization to make it work in a larger scale.

Are there ways to get around it. Sure. Modders are known to push the limits without care since they are not worried about it working for everyone, populated servers, etc. But this does not work for game developers since they need to keep it working for normal parameters.

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I really like all your ideas. I don’t know if the map is possible. The thrall ideas would probably work.

Sounds like my idea of linking different map servers to be in groups. IE Exiled lands 3523 and Siptah 8055 are linked and player can transfer between the two servers without claim decay or can server transfer like normal to another pair. You can start working multiple maps in as you develop them.

I think that’s a good idea in principle however it assumes that there are equal populations that play both and have them both to play. The p2w folks would come out in droves if it was that easy because for it to work like amunets, people could hide their pvp factories on siptah and free raid on EL against those without siptah. So sadly, for pvp anyway, it would be a focal point of heavy criticism for officials and not entirely unfounded.

Server linkages probably would work better with PvE and PvE-C servers than PvP.

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I agree, but then we get into features for one group and not the other and then its migraines and ibuprophen and trips to the shrink and… ugh.

““agree, but then we get into features for one group and not the other and then its migraines and ibuprophen and trips to the shrink and… ugh.””

But going forward with how they want to not gate content behind a pay wall and giving the content for free. The solution would be to no longer have Island of Sipta be sold separately but instead it be part of the baseline game. Then you would no longer have some players have it some people don’t. Honestly overall the more content available to players is a good thing.

Handing out dlc to all the player base when some paid for it already while the game is in active development would be a PR nightmare. Its easy enough to simply sell the game only as both but the existing game purchases are not so easy.

I do get that, bundling them together would be the best option. I have Island of Sipta already I personally wouldn’t care but I do see why people would have a issue with that.

Also on another note the Orb of Nergal. If you a follower of Jhebbal Sag why can’t you get some cosmetic customizations lie claws ect…?

thrall merchant, this will give you all the more reason to explore. It would take a lot of work just to make traders useful. Welcome to the community.

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