Some suggestions for Isle of Siptah 2

So back with another set of feedback for Siptah. So after looking through some things and doing some more matching up. I’ve really noticed that Siptah in the bigger picture is a very small map comparative to the Exile Lands. When you really start to look at the different between Siptah and Exile Lands. Siptah honestly at this point doesn’t even look like a map/expansion to invest it. I’m not trying to be harsh but I’m looking it in terms of the ability to replay and enjoy.

  1. Vaults and Decayed Eladrium: They are great but as some people have pointed out, the necessity to farm them virtually all the time and over and over again just to get enough decayed eladrium to make regular eladrium bars for Surges is somewhat ridiculous. I say this not because it’s not possible but it’s a situation that you have placed a map that only roughly 66% of it can be built on but the middle third of the map is taken up by the maelstrom. While I have mentioned this in a different post, I am reiterating it now because it’s important. If the servers only takes 40 people, it would be fine or at least somewhat tolerable in regards of farming vaults and building. However, there are many more people than 40…not at one time but over the course of many days. There are times where I have gone to a vault spending tons of time getting there only for it to be closed off. I would have to wait, go back or just move on. While it is understandable that I would have to come back, multiple times of it being closed creates frustration and that will lead to people leaving the game either for a short period of time or permanently. To remedy this, I would suggest eladrium mines that are in the overland similar to the meteor shower. Wait, you’re invalidating the necessity to farm vaults. No I am mentioning this to allow accessibility. Do we want this to be easy? No but accessible. With many different recipes that are given through the delving system…and it only being a chance is silly. Easily can burn through hundreds if not thousands trying to get just delve recipes. Again as in my previous post…the amount of effort to get the amount of reward is not necessarily a quick process. And you will get so little regarding just running vaults in comparison to the sheer amount to unlock recipes.

  2. Playing area and replayability: As I have mentioned now multiple times, the real build/explore area is only really 66% of the land. The other 1/3rd for the maelstrom if people want to farm for it. Given only certain times does the maelstrom 1/3rd allow people through and farm miscellaneous things they need. Once you have gone through all of this area, it’s small…for an island that is suppose to be 11% less than Exiled Lands, it’s really 44% less because that 1/3rd where the maelstrom plays out is non-buildable. So really Siptah is only a 66% playing area. And when you shorten the area that much and repeat so many previous assets. The island then become very boring and the desire to play or replay on a different server is low. Given some of the new content is nice and the maelstrom concept is solid. But farming and the amount of time that is expected to grind out materials just to see new content…it’s not worth it. Given if the island expands to allow more playable area, that would be great or follow what I mentioned about the maelstrom before may help. But as it stands now, the money given for early access is not necessarily worth it. With many reskins and recycles of assets…it still does not give enough to play in the long term. I suggest creating newer assets and new things…I find that the concepts in play now are a good jump point but there needs to be more.

Yet while I have placed only a couple of suggestions, a lot of these suggestions from my first post to this post still points to the flaw that we have within the IoS itself…and that’s the availability of building in an area that is very limited. And in addition of you all feeling wiping isn’t worth it or save wiping the servers at final launch is a mistake. You need to start everyone on equal footing because if you don’t, people will just stop playing because they will feel they are behind and not start. Again, while I understand that this game is designed to be rough and that is part of the fun factor. If you all keep designing and creating not for the least common denominator but the hardcore players, you will lose a lot of people. Please find a happy medium on it so you can maximize your profits and make most of the people relatively happy.

Stay safe, have fun, and take care,


  1. Have had no issue getting Eldarium on a high population server. Got a chest with well over 700 shards and 500 bars. There’s a LOT of vaults, they reset often. It’s not an issue.

  2. The land is still huge. There is no issue with playing area.

Lastly, it’s totally worth the money. On a good server you won’t run out of things to do.

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i love the game so far, just wish they would set a bigger distance requirement for ppl to build near ur stuff

Single player here. I love being on an island instead of the desert environment of EL. My only real complaint is that the feats that you have to find(dredger, herpetologist, etc) aren’t available on the island.

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