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Should players be allowed travel from Siptah to Exiled lands, If Siptah is the “End Game map” ?

Welcome to the community. How did you came to the conclusion that Siptah is the end game map? I would really love to read your theory about it.


Siptah feels like easy mode, except for that dang RNG monster that keeps spanking me. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I will keep my answer on this one simple. Yes, yes they should.


“Future updates will rebalance vaults into level 60 dungeons with their own sets of rewards.”

theres more to do at 60 on Siptah, with only really having 2 main dungeons on Exiled (stuff thats worth farming imo), pre patch you could grind out the vaults a lot eaiser at lower lvls, then the Boss statues, its aimed more at 60 then just lvling there, easier to gear, with greater attributes from Siptah gear, but thats just from my expierence, and from what ive read that Funcom was trying to make, then you have the sigils as long as u dont die or bring Loads back with u(i havnt tested if you can mind) in exiled u would face roll a lot of low geared players, or players that just play Exiled in general, thats just my thought process, whats urs?

War makers alone is more interesting and challenging than all of the vaults combined.

But the new norm on PvP and PvE-C servers I imagine will be hauling gear from Siptah to EL because it’s significantly more powerful. Which leads to my fear of future siptah gear nerfs I don’t want to see.


To this one, I would like to give a post. Grey weapons are powerful but the stamina loss is huge. I really love the idea of crafted powerful weapons but, I don’t believe you will be able to craft them in the volcano of exile lands. I always liked axes but the stamina I loose is putting second thoughts to me how and when I will use this powerful axe. However I find the poison weapons of Siptah very well balanced, and I would love to have the same stats on venom infused too. I find it really unfair for venom infused weapons with way more difficult and expensive materials to be so low. And hell no I don’t want a nerf on Siptah weapons, no more nerfs.
Back to the op and the topic.
My dear @Nevasoul, I read what you think and I am sorry to say that but I highly disagree that Siptah is a late game map(against EL) . Siptah is an island, opportunist map, Las Vegas, but not tougher than exile lands, not even close. There are areas in exile lands that I still walk very carefully, Siptah does not have this, maybe citadel is cruel, but because of bugs and lags, same with the Grey pools. I will add the wine cellar since @Tuffman said correctly about warmaker, I still find my self finding difficulties in this dungeon, especially now(the last year) that the agro on the skeletons is so big that they can crush you in no time. It is the khari steel that it was not used like Siptah, to make an op weapon or armor so players will have more viable reasons to visit this dungeon, like the scraps of warmaker. And then again, the rng system to gain the recipes or the pristine weapons made this dungeon less popular. If they buff a bit Exile land weapons however, we will have more complaints about easy game blah blah, God thralls blah blah, no challenges blah blah, etc.
Exile lands is THE GAME, all the others just put some spice and herbs to this wonderful game. For me Exile lands is Home and this will never change, thank you.


Exiles land > savage wilds > siptah

(Savage wilds comes only second because I don’t have a built in main quest to remove bracelet there :slight_smile: ).

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