Funcom, please continue to develop the Lands of Exiles - Siptah is not for all players!


I tried Siptah Island but for a PVE player it’s just boring after only a few hours. The private server I was playing on (which has about 50 regular players) was left within two weeks and everyone (including me) returned to the Lands of Exile. @Funcom, if you don’t want to lose your PVE player base you need to continue developing the Lands of Exile (and create a new map that is also dedicated to exploration, an expansion of the Lands of Exile).


Dont get me wrong i agree Lands of Exile must be developed. But i am as a PvE only player too and i liked Siptah so much. Very beautiful designed world. Looks a bit empty i agree but so was Exiled Lands many years ago? I strongly believe Siptah will be improved with more content. Biggest downside for me is that they cant teleport bitween these 2 maps. It really sucks. I hope they find a way for it.

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I participated in the early access of the Exile’s lands and the desert (the only biome present) was more complete than Siptah. Siptah might be pretty but everything looks the same, it’s symmetrical and pretty empty (this island doesn’t make most PVE players want to explore, I think). The problem with Siptah is that we have no idea how Funcom will develop it (additional biomes, ruins to explore, npc camps, climate, more realism in the distribution of creatures, etc.) ?
But i HOPE, Funcom will continue to develop Land of Exiles.


They say both maps will be conected some how when the game go live. They dot say howe but that seams to be the plan…

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They are twins jointed at the bandage, from now on.

Great idea if the cards connect

The biggest problem with Siptah is if you don’t enjoy the gameplay loop, there’s nothing for you to do. The vaults, maelstrom, and surges are all so tightly wound up together that the entire expansion is pointless without doing those specific things. In the Exiled Lands you’re free to go anywhere and do anything you want and be rewarded. You don’t ever have to do the volcano or the jungle if you don’t want, and you’ll be fine. There’s plenty of loot and NPC’s to tame everywhere else. On Siptah, avoiding vaults, maelstroms, and surges gets you nothing.

The sooner these maps are connected, the better.


Devs said they will focus on both maps equally and do not tend to discontinue ether map so it’s not going away anytime soon

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When did they say that? Forums are way too peaceful if that is true lol

In multiple dev streams.

I know it’s impossible, but it would be very nice to have The vaults accessible in the Exiles Lands.

I see just one problem with this argument. Put simply Funcom promised from day 1 they would avoid a pay to win scenario. As Siptah is a paid DLC, to allow traversal between maps would give an unbalanced advantage to those who buy Siptah as they would have access to legendary items not available to Exiled Lands. So would be in essence a double edged sword.

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You have to pay to buy the game, and you can’t win without it. So it’s already pay to win in one sense. And the Siptah stuff isn’t more overpowered than anything in the Exiled Lands. Just different.

Well there isnt any weapons on exiled lands that does durability DoT to armor.

P2W by buying 1 DLC with such huge content? That’s more like necessity, not p2w. LOL

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They know of that, they are no fools. If teleport should be possible then naked. This “connect both Worlds!” discussion was done in the past, too

So please do not trow in things that are not true

Uuuuu on the server you would need to own Siptah in order to get on it so your point does not make much sense as how do you connect to a server when you do not own the dlc require to play on it

What do you mean, “things that are not true” ? Have you not watched the dev streams?

I wholeheartedly agree.

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Are their Stream things written/setting in Stone?

There you have my answer