Siptah designed for PvP?

Is it just me or does it feel like Siptah was designed entirely with PvP in mind? Me and my friend have been playing on a private server on Siptah and so far it doesn’t feel as PvE/Single Player friendly as the Exiled Lands map did. Thralls and pets are much harder to come by and recourses are more scattered throughout the map. Progression feels all over the place too. I found black ice nodes at lvl 20, that doesn’t seem right.

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yep the main idea of this game is pvp. So they made it with pvp in mind.

It’s funny because I’m playing pvp since I’m playing Conan and for me it feels like the complete opposite. If you play pvp you need to be fast with everything. Especially on the “more hardcore” private servers. Because everyone there knows what they need to start fighting and raiding. But the fact that getting thralls is a pain in the ■■■, traveling the map takes 5 years without obelisks, getting recipes you need and having no “fixed” spot for the resources makes it really slow to get all you need. In pve I assume you got plenty of time to get everything you need so I wouldn’t bother too much about the points I mentioned.

Let me rephrase. Siptah feels like it’s more catered towards PvP than PvE meanwhile the Exiled Lands map feels fairly balanced on both ends. It doesn’t feel like Siptah was made to be a good PvE/Single Player experience compared to the old map.


My main issue is that the Exiled Lands feels like it’s meant to be progressed through. As you level and get higher tiered equipment you slowly move upwards on the map. Siptah feels stagnant and doesn’t really give you that same sense of progression. You level and get higher tier equipment but that doesn’t really bring you anywhere. Other than the center of the map it doesn’t feel like there’s any real endgoal. Also with no purges base building doesn’t seem as important.


I don’t understand the “no fixed spot for resources.”

There are many valleys that have nearly everything you need within a stones throw; it’s so bad you sit scratching your head wondering why you are able to get black ice in the middle of a redwood forest; etc.

We have built tier 3 buildings without ever leaving our inland build location; the only threat IS pvp because without a purge mechanic or if you are on a pvp quiet server… there is nothing to challenge you until you wander.

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Who told you this strange thing? This game is about survival, alone or with your clan, it’s not a battle royale.


I mean yeah, there are a lot of spots for resources but I’m missing something like brimlake, silvermine, black ice temple etc. where you can get a lot of whatever you need at once.

IMO the fact that there’s many (smaller) sources of each resource is a definite bonus. Lessens the chance of one troll clan sitting on (or intentionally despawning) it all.


From a PVP standpoint (I have next to none PVP experience in this game apart from friendly fights) I think this is awesome, they now give reasons to actually engage other players and fight for thralls and demonic essence, or whatever it is called.

From a PVE standpoint I have been having a blast:

The map feels more difficult than the first one (which is great), I disliked the boring routine on the first map where you just knocked out some high level thrall and you were set.

There are a lot of vaults (yeah I know some of them feel copy pasted, each one does have something that makes them feel unique to me though.)

We have the big surge in the middle that spawns demons.

I still have so much left to discover and explore. This alone makes it worth the cash I spent on it, the world intrigues me, the story snippets in each vault just makes me hyped to find out what happens next.

So yes I think they may have catered to PVP players a bit, BUT I also think there is a lot to do for PVE players as well.

This is just my partial experience thoughts, it is in early access anyways, and I expect them to still make a lot of changes to the map, here’s hoping for the best!

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I doubt that, at least in so far as the terrain - broken/bugged areas (if they allow undermeshing, say) at the most.

Balance, content and such - yeah, that I can see changing or being added to with time. Which is probably what you meant anyway.

The map may be designed to promote PvP, I don’t know, but it doesn’t feel that way to me - or at least, I feel like it’s working fine for PvE, too. The centre being kept free of (permanent) structures is a huge upgrade IMO.

Granted, I have yet to play my way to the endgame, limited time and Official servers make for slow going, so those who poured 10+ hours per day into it since launch are probably feeling differently about this.


Yea exactly what I meant.

Don’t know about you guys but we are actually using animals as companions for once, since thralls are harder to come by. (I freaking love that we do this now!)

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