Solo play siptah vs exile? pvp

Title, what is best choice for solo pvp player sipta or exile? and why?

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@Selene01, @erjoh and @LostBrythunian for starters!
They can answer for starters and I will summon more holy ghosts of this game :wink:!

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Summoning takes time dude. It’s been an hour.

Anyway for single player, hands down exiled lands is a far better experience. More lore, more biomes with real effects, a enticing storyline, harder resources and soooo much building potential.

Siptah is more PvP centric. Resources are a plenty and in various locations. Terrain is where it’s easy to navigate to locate and get to you targets. over the top armor and weapons and most other things desired are behind RNG grinding.


I don’t have a clan to tap. I’m just solo on CE and am in no hurry to go to Siptah.

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This is a more complicated answer now than it was.
First and foremost, server population, both quantity and quality are a factor.
The toys in Siptah are extremely useful for a solo PvPer. However, the environments they are most useful in are mostly Exiled Lands.

That all aside, if this one must choose, this one says Exiled Lands. Solo play is a very specific animal, and the ability to find good redoubts in pain in the @$$ to get to locations is better on Exiled Lands. Especially with the loss of the Survival skill line, temperature matters, gear weight matters. Simply put, it’s a larger map with a far greater variety of biomes and hiding spots.

Basically agreement with @erjoh

@stelagel , self friend, for best summoning in your region, this one responds to Honeyed Milk, grilled Lamb, and Baklava very quickly. Arrange them in the conjuration circle at the stations of dawn, noon, and dusk, with the mage standing at midnight for best results.
For a quick consultation and words from the outer dark, a Bougatsa works in a pinch.


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Me too. I don’t have much to add except that Siptah is fun as a solo for a more “amped up” experience. It’s smaller and there are less places to hide, but you can get into the thick of things pretty quickly and recover quickly if you get smashed.

Reasons I normally choose Exiled Lands:

Bigger map with more variety.

Slower paced game. I don’t have to log in as often if I’m busy IRL.

Siptah lighting is weird and always hurts my eyes after a while. Not really a PVP consideration I guess but I’d probably play there more if it weren’t for that.

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